Talk is Cheap Boys and Girls

Author Subject: Talk is Cheap Boys and Girls
Del (The other Webmaster for now) Posted At 04:04:28 07/18/2001
oh del and also Cory,

I am not an attorney. I did graduate from paralegal school in December. It was part of workers comp retraining. I first tried for five months to get advanced computer training. It would have paid (after graduation) about what I earned in 1995 before my injury. Obviously the ins. company didn't want that. If I "was" hireable as a paralegal, it would pay about half my 1995 earnings. No law firm would hire me after graduation because of what I suspect has been my outspoken worker advocacy over the years. I was picky too, only wanting to work for those who went all out for their clients. I am the first to admit there's many "bad" attorneys out there, and I've told a few that to their faces. Having said that, I've meet some very good ones. Some of you like to blast all attorneys. The main problem is not them, it's the comp system that pays them so miserably. I shouldn't have to spell it out but injured workers are paying the price for this legislative manipulation.

I formed a one-man company in April that does several things including Web site design, graphics, legal & general research, and paralegal (independent).

Gee! What do you know, I still haven't done any paralegal work, just one large Web site design and some freebee ones for grass-roots groups.

I have now shared more about myself with this post than in the past 5 1/2 years at this site. I do so to "defend" the hard work Tom and I have put into building and maintaining this site, several thousand hours worth as unpaid volunteers.

We are proud of our accomplishments. It's very easy to criticize us when you don't know the details so that is why I've written this.

Tom, Merle, Mary, and I do our worker advocacy work (the site is just one part) because we want to help others. It is very hurtful to hear derogatory remarks since this an effort from the heart.

I know a lot of this message board crap is coming from people who get their thrills by messing with others. This is "cruelity" to those who come here for help. We at IWA will not be detered by their actions.

We don't expect or want thanks in reply to our efforts. Instead, we hope others will go out and help more injured workers. Talk is cheap boys and girls! Contact the media, legislators, form an injured worker group, create a Web site, etc. You can make a difference!

I will be deleting this post, oh del's, Cory's, and any follow-ups in two days. We don't want the attention, this site speaks for itself!!

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