Author Subject: THEIR OUT TO DESTROY ME!!!!!!!!!
WORRIED#1 Posted At 21:03:16 07/22/2001
hello im 15% impaired permanantly to the body as a whole,and 70% vocatonaly disabled,however my wife wants a divorce and half of my settlement.Alabama is not a community property state and thats where i live.but she said her lawyer said they where going to ask the judge to freeze my assets,meaning my settlement check.i talked to 1 lawyer and he told me they could ask,but it was'nt likely the judge would freeze it.i dont mind paying child support but i think half is to severe,theres no telling how long social security to be ? is can they really take half and does anyone know about how much settlement i can you think they can freeze my settlement check,a lawyer cost 500 dollars for a retainer fee to even get started i only make 186 a week in comp payments i cant afford one,tell me something please
Terry Re: THEIR OUT TO DESTROY ME!!!!!!!!! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:54:37 07/23/2001

I may be wrong (and I've been known to be wrong before), but I am under the impression that Workmans Comp and disability monies are judgement and lien proof with the exception that an attorney who handled your case can file a lien against your monies if he or she is not paid. I think the only way she can get your monies is if you should die before they are paid in full.
Denny Re: THEIR OUT TO DESTROY ME!!!!!!!!! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 07:24:27 07/23/2001

They, child support/Judges/employers/Insurer's, will take what ever they legally can,
do not bother to fight.
Their is nothing you can do, when dealing with child support, divorce, ect: they can
rape you blind. But if you fight the lawyer will double your problem just let them take
what the can, it's legal. I Know, the "laws" allow them to take dismemberment
money, life insurance, but if you stay out of court keep your mouth shut,
dismemberment money, life insurance is your to "keep" I know
so bend over, let them take what they can /whoever. Do not hire a lawyer they will
compound the problem.$$$

P.S. The male has to stay out of court, judges have no power out side of the court.
as long as you are never served stay out of communication with ex wife & children
the system uses them against you till they clean out, the working guy. "laws" are
written for the females & children for them
against you, "only" for your wallet. system does not care about the children
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that's it

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