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b Posted At 19:41:26 07/24/2001
be honest.
edducate your self to the system.
don't get a lawyer till you have to.
be realistic.
don't get a lawyer, you'll loose rights, at least in california the system
bends toward the injured untill he or she gets a lawyer.
get copies of everything related to your case.
send letters return receipt, keep copies.
the single most important thing to an insurance company is to make profits
for their stock holders.
the lawyers who work workers compunsation claims for the injured work for
the smallest pay check in lawyer world, their are plenty of good ones but
most are the bottom of the do get what you pay for and the
insurance company pays plenty.
don't get a lawyer, edducate yourself ,if you can't educate yourself then
get a lawyer and good luck.
and yes terry, there are many worse off then you, some feel as if they have
lost their soul

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