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DEE Posted At 14:44:25 07/25/2001
Your employer obviously dosen't have a problem with admitting it was a job related injury or they wouldn't pay med. expenses. They'd leave it up to your med. insurance coverage.
I was injured at work 6 (SIX) YEARS AGO and declaired totally/permenantly disabled. In my state they offer retraining/schooling/college what ever in takes to get you back on a job so W/C won't have to pay you FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. But, they CANNOT FORCE YOU to re-educate or force you to have surgury you don't want (or are afraid of, or fed up with because you've had enough that don't help anyway..ect,ect.)
ALSO,.... taping yourself at work seems to me like your setting things up to purposely make an injury claim. Seems like if your goin to tape anything, it would be of you doing something fun before you were injured.
Also your settlement will be retroactive from the time you were injured =LUMP SUM $$$...DO AS YOUR LAWYER SAYS OR YOU WILL CUT YOUR OWN THROAT AND GET NOTHING BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO WORK YOU JUST WON'T! TRY TO BE PATIENT! Find a hobby. Ask your laywer for advice on how to survive financially for a bit. (inform creditors of problem to delay payments, go to food charities or churches for assistance, temp. welfare ect.)
(I also advise you to be carefull what you say as these sites may be monitored by W/C looking for an easy out not to pay your rightfull claim)
AND BE CAREFULL WHO'S ADVISE YOU TAKE, MANY of the other post by people that respond to your questions, (ones that have responses), to form your opinion if their advise is questionable or not. ( you probably won't find's been a couple months)

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