A lawyer is like certified mail,

Author Subject: A lawyer is like certified mail,
Denny Posted At 15:54:39 07/25/2001
The laws in america work like this, A lawyer, Child support, credit card Co.
government agency, can serve you with certified mail. If you "sign" for it, Mr. and
Mrs. (Joe public) have 30 days to respond to what ever they say no matter what it
Once you signed your screwed. Reason anytime a government entity, corporation or
lawyer sends you certified mail, it's to their benefit $$$$$ not yours. This is what
happens when you hire a lawyer, both (Insurance) lawyers and yours get together with
out your knowledge because after all you hired him, the insurance lawyer bombs him
with bogus certified mail, then without your knowledge your getting shafted. The only
way you could win a case is with clear convincing evidence in your favor. .. other than
that do not hire a lawyer.

P.S. "YES" you Joe public can send certified mail. But their is no "law"
that requires those to entities to respond. The laws are written for the government and
lawyers / big corporations against the people.

P.S. If you hire a lawyer your being served, don't go for the s*cker job their is no
money in workers compensation. you will in the end pay all of it to a lawyer & then
some even go to jail...! third party with good proof you will get bi-weekly - monthly
payments they have passed laws in workers compensation type cases NO more
lump sum payments...

badboy 2001 Re: A lawyer is like certified mail, (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 07:42:58 07/26/2001

you are so idiotic
db55 Re: A lawyer is like certified mail, (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:54:23 07/26/2001

Cetified mail is a way of confirming that an individual received an item. The laws and statutues determine the time frame for which a response is required. Just because you receive a letter/document by certified mail does not automatically require a response within 30 days. Some laws require that certain items be sent certified mail. Please provide me with the specific law/statute that requires the 30 dyas response you allege.
You are also wrong on your lump sum payment statement. Florida for example allows for lump sum settlements as do most states. The statutes are different for each state but most states allow for settlements of some nature. Please check your sources of information before providing people with incorrect information.
As for the attorneys getting together w/o anyones knowledge that is just ridiculous. Not only is that unethical but would be detrimental to both cases.
Sam Re: A lawyer is like certified mail, (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:56:11 07/26/2001

I don't think he's talking about a JC penney package, or pictures to your friends, or
documents to a school. He's talking about certified mail on a government level, let's
say child support, send's you certified mail to take your license for failure to pay child
support. Once you sign for it you have 30 days to prove you do not owe, or make
payments, if you never sign for it they can't put you on the list to take your license.
So if you do not sign then they can't take your license. simple now see. "Morons"

P.S. If you do sign you will have to make payment's failure to make payments then
gives them the right to take your license.

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