need permenant home-BUYING on w/c?

Author Subject: need permenant home-BUYING on w/c?
DEE Posted At 16:19:24 07/25/2001
I am on w/c 6 years, retired about 3-4 years with a total/perm disability. The harassment bombardment has seemed to stop (except for yearly IME's),since I won T&P claim in court & retirement. PROBLEM....I need to move, retired to Fl. & staying but decided I need to find a permanent residence so I won't have to go through this again. I can't handle this more than once...if that. QUESTIONs....can being totally dependant on w/c and retirement financially, effect my BUYING a house ALONE with $0 down? Is there any organizations/programs that help? Has anyone been able to buy w/o complications on w/c? I'm desperate!
Terry Re: need permenant home-BUYING on w/c? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:13:27 07/25/2001

A lot depends on your prior credit, how much your W/C earnings are, and if you are a Veteran or not. The Fanny Mae Foundation may be able to help. You also might try the local Veteran's Administration office (if you are one). Whatever you do, in my opinion, stay away from "creative financing"!I wish you the best.

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