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DEE Posted At 19:26:59 07/25/2001
W/C law is a specialty with specialized laws. Why in the world would a lawyer specialize in a field where they would automatically be considered bottom of the barrel & study & get extra training to do so?
I agree you definately should self-study and familiarize yourself as much as possible with your state laws & civil rights. But, like in my case, W/C can bombard you with so much stuff & keep you so busy & frustrated that you don't know if your comming or going. The stress they can inject into your life can make you wish you were dead you feel so worthless & hopeless & losing everything. They can try to "starve you out" if you have a lawyer or not. They don't like it when you get someone who knows how to deal with them & what they can & can't do, & to put a stop to their games. But that's they're problem. I don't know what I would have done without a lawyer to protect my rights. I'd already lost everything but my ragged... but still beating heart. Some THINGS can be replaced with time. And time heals MOST wounds. Why allow some STRANGER in some AGENCY to aggrivate you beyond what you can handle and destroy you?

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