Author Subject: Paranoids
Terry Posted At 23:07:00 07/25/2001
I've never seen such paranoid writings in my life! This stuff is more outlandish than Bill Clinton saying he "never had sex with that woman".

What I am reading here is that if you hire an attorney, he or she will risk being disbared for the sake of a few pennies. That all attorneys are crooks. That the only way you can do anything on Workmans Comp is to represent yourself. What a load of CRAP.

BTW, I use my real name and my real email address. I am NOT an attorney and I am enjoying reading this crap. Eventually I will get bored and go back to a real Workman's Comp posting site that is not full of A) paranoids or B) people who work for insurance carriers and try to pass of incorrect information.

The anti-this and anti-that posters here that are misleading the injured workers who read this site. The Workmans Compensation laws are engthy and
hard to understand. The percentages alone will give even a math major a headache. If the person here that wants you all to believe that I am an attorney and only here to push you into hiring an attorney is so and knows the Workmans Compensation laws so well, how come he or she can't even spell it correctly. There, now you've done it. I did my best not to rag on your lousy spelling and grammar. Owell...I am only human.

Have fun....
DEE Re: Paranoids (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:50:46 07/26/2001

It WOULD be great if this forum got back to real issus. It has helped me and a lot of others. IT IS A GREAT FORUM! Shared experiences is what made it so. But you know there's always a few that feel the need to give bad advise to try to spoil things. Maybe they have alterior motives. Please don't let those few discourage you. They really do TRY to keep things on subject here.

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