Re: A lawyer is like certified mail,

Author Subject: Re: A lawyer is like certified mail,
Sam Posted At 17:56:11 07/26/2001
I don't think he's talking about a JC penney package, or pictures to your friends, or
documents to a school. He's talking about certified mail on a government level, let's
say child support, send's you certified mail to take your license for failure to pay child
support. Once you sign for it you have 30 days to prove you do not owe, or make
payments, if you never sign for it they can't put you on the list to take your license.
So if you do not sign then they can't take your license. simple now see. "Morons"

P.S. If you do sign you will have to make payment's failure to make payments then
gives them the right to take your license.

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