Republicans meet behind closed doors with lobbyists (Can we say RICO)

Author Subject: Republicans meet behind closed doors with lobbyists (Can we say RICO)
Del Posted At 13:12:16 04/23/2000
Republicans meet behind closed doors with lobbyists

The House Republican leadership is building its issues platform for the 1999 legislature. House Majority Leader Lynn Snodgrass has appointed eight interim caucus work groups, which have been meeting with lobbyists every four to six weeks. Because the groups usually have one legislator in attendance, they aren't subject to Oregon's open meeting law.

The health care caucus, headed by Rep. Leslie Lewis, is discussing expansion of the Oregon Health Plan, insurance mandates, senior health care issues and licensure/scope of practice. Lobbyists from some of the state's largest health care organizations -- the Oregon Medical Assn., Kaiser Permanente, Associated Oregon Industries, Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon and the Oregon Health Care Assn., among others -- have been invited to the meetings.


In one of the best pieces of news yet in the quest for relief from the criminal tyranny of insurers, The Supreme Court of the United States of America has unanamously agreed that the RICO laws supersede McCarren-Fergusson, and that insurers may indeed be sued for Racketeering under the RICO, without frustrating the State's Regulatory Powers.

The Justices use reasonable precedent, a dictionary, and a simple reductio ad absurdum argument.

In their unanimous decision, the justices make it clear that their decision is, by declaring the validity of a body of federal law to be applicable to insurance companies, not to be construed as an invitation to federal meddling. While this may seem not desireable by those who seek federal intervention, I, for one, do not seek federal intervention any further than the court has allowed.

What I do seek is an exact, clear and appropriate way of bringing these subhuman marauding racketeers to task for their crimes against humanity, in the manner of the Nuerenberg trials. "I was just following orders" is as good an excuse as "I didn't know that it was illegal to murder people." Even when people are murdered in war, as a matter of circumstance, which oddly makes it acceptable, it is still murder; and this is a war. Make no mistake about this. The insurance cartel has declared war on the people the world and has not even had the courtesy of admitting it. Let every one involved be treated as the war criminals that they are, and sentenced accordingly for every one of the cold, deliberate and calculated murders that they have committed.

In many insurance cases, HMOs are also involved. These have used the originally "consumer protective" Federal ERISA, 29 USC 1001, laws as defense against malpractice. This defense is also crumbling; see the report of a ruling by the PA State Sup. Ct.


The above (after the first line)was written by Bill Hammel, a N. Carolina advocate for workers. His web site is here.

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Go here to read the RICO laws.

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