Re: IME Again 3rd Times a What??

Author Subject: Re: IME Again 3rd Times a What??
Fred Johnson Posted At 22:24:41 05/02/2000
I thought 3 was it, turns out I have yet another letter for a 4th IME with, Radecki, who was with fuller. Go figure, he's a nerve guy, I guess it takes nerves to do an IME every year or so. On my last visit to fuller and radecki, they proclaimed I was as good as I was going to get after my old-age, unnessarry, cosmetic, radial head sergury. Not to mention they wrote like I sound, had me 3 different serguries, ain't none done much good, no how but I figure I'm do for more anyhow.
It is now going to be 6 months after my old-age related, cosmetic, unnessarry, by-lateral carpal tunnel combined with, distal ulnar resection.
And I'm sure I'll have more horror stories to tell, after this one, maybe I'll have enough fodder to write me a book.

I'm sure I can still leap tall buildings in a single bound, and more powerfull than a speeding locomotive.

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