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Kay Posted At 15:47:40 05/12/2000

Hey Everybody, This sounds like a great thing.

A Call to Action-Republican Convention-Philadelphia
by me 3:13am Fri May 12 '00

Unity 2000 mass rally on July 30th.

Republican Convention July
31st-August 4th

Philadelphia, PA

Make History In Philadelphia on July 30th


Join thousands of concerned people and community and
social change activists in Philadelphia for the Unity 2000
march on July 30th. As the political parties gather this summer
for nominating conventions, we are calling for a new direction
for our nation. From every corner of the country, let us come,
united, to say NO to business and politics as usual and YES to
new priorities for our nation and the world.

The gap between the very rich few and the expanding ranks of
the poor widens every day. Fewer and fewer multinational
super corporations and super-rich individuals are controlling
more and more of the wealth, the information we receive, and
the political process. Both political parties make way for the
exploitation of the world by multinationals. The grab for profits
has driven the personal fortunes of a few to obscene levels.
For the rest of us, working or out of work, middle-class or poor,
the money we earn buys less than it did twenty years ago even
though we are working harder and have less time with our
loved ones. And the social safety net has been pulled out from
under millions of us. At every level of government, elected
officials ignore the needs and wants of our people. Like a
spreading cancer, the greed and power of privately owned
corporations pushes governments to cut social spending,
undermine unions, and impoverish more and more of us every


*Instead of full healthcare for all, insurance companies and for
profit hospitals make billions out of people's misery.

*Instead of our elders enjoying their well-earned retirement,
they are often forced to decide between medicines and food.

*Instead of getting a Living Wage, people are forced to toil for
substandard wages in sweatshops and maquiladoras.

*Instead of job-training programs, more police are hired.

*Instead of new schools, more prisons are built.

*Instead of working to rehabilitate our prison population and
return them as productive members of society, the numbers of
prisoners continues to grow and the death penalty and
imprisonment falls unequally on people of color.

*Instead of eliminating the oppression of women and honoring
their right to control their own bodies, some people are trying
to turn back the clock.

*Instead of fair and equal treatment for immigrants and
refugees, hate mongers encourage discrimination and fear.

*Instead of recognizing the full human rights of all people
regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation or
national origin, people lose their jobs, their children, their
homes, and their lives because of those who fear and hate.

*Instead of giving our teachers, caregivers, and service
workers the honor and support they deserve for their crucial
roles in society, they are often underpaid and under

*Instead of open elections on a level playing field, elections are
being bought by the unlimited power of rich campaign

*Instead of respect for our environment, the planet has been
brought to the brink of an environmental disaster.

*Instead of working for peace among all peoples and all
nations, billions are poured into the coffers of the arms


In every part of this country and around the world, the
worsening economic realities are matched by escalating
racial, ethnic, gender, and religious hatreds. Racism and
bigotry all too often result in everything from individual acts of
violence to full-scale wars. Prejudice and hate mongers spread
a poison of fear against anyone who appears, behaves, or
sounds different-encouraging discrimination and segregation.
These are all symptoms of a societal cancer. Man or woman,
young or old, gay or straight, all colors and ethnic groups-no
one is immune. We must take back our government and our
society from those who think that money can buy everything.
Active involvement in the movements for social change is the
best treatment for this disease.

We are powerful in our diversity and we are unified in our
commitment. We will bring our many voices to Philadelphia this
summer. We will use the opportunities provided by the
nominating conventions to celebrate our diversity and work
toward building a broad-based, unified progressive movement,
to raise a common voice, and to demand change.

This is the beginning of the politics of the new millennium.

Join us in our call for economic and social justice.

Join us in our call for peace, freedom, and true democracy.

Join us as we march for our lives and our future.


Marty Re: Power To The People (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:40:27 05/14/2000

At first I thought this post was empty til I scrolled down. My first thought was that the "people HAVE NO power.

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