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Author Subject: Re: What has happened??
Advocate Posted At 10:53:00 01/12/2000
Of course Deluca is protecting the business climate in Oregon, Look at
the average amount that OSHA fines employers for having unsafe and Unhealthy
workplaces $287. Wow now thats a real incentive for the employer to clean
up it's act, Most unsafe employers appeal the amount of the fines and it is
reduced down substantially.
Deluca will wait until the very last moment to comply to these needed standards.
Oregon has and will always be a very unsafe and unhealthy state to work in
because of it's attitude towards Injured workers and safety.

Because of these attitudes towards workers and safety consider who much the state of
Oregon has saved employers in the last ten years due to the reforms to Workers
compensation, Employers have saved over 5 Billion dollars, That right I said
5 Billion dollars, Don't tell me that employers can't afford to comply.

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