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Fred Johnson Posted At 10:25:08 05/16/2000
The Fox Garding the Hen House??
Or the Frying Pan, the Kettle, or the Fire???
IME doctors have but one job, to establish old age related, unnessarry, cosmetic, pre-existing, and certainly has nothing to do with the accident in question. Don't forget he must be beating himself up.
The only way I can see IME exams working is if a doctor can make a call without fear, of going against the insurance company. Doesn't it seem alittle odd, it's the same IME doctors at the contested court hearings.
And their reason for denial is pretty much what I put above.
I think the ability to sue is not somuch for the money as it is to get back to 5 minutes before you had your life changing event.
Delaying Medical Treatment, cann't do the victim any good. And really isn't the delay designed to make you angry to the point of paying for your own sergury, so they have another reason to denie, now this guy is beating himself up and injurying himself on purpose. Ah so he can sue for more money no doubt!
And how about Starvation Litigation? How fair is it for some multi-billion dollar insurance company to play poker with a man who makes a living with his hands, and nolonger has his hands, to use to make more money to support his family, save for retirement, buy health, house, car insurance.
The right to Sue is of utmost importance.
I think that doctors are affraid to buck the system, and who can blame them, take the large lump sum payment for sergury, and tell your patient to go away.
The one doctor one sergury rule!
IME (the purponderance of the evidence rule)!

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