Lawyer has no balls

Author Subject: Lawyer has no balls
Tarzan Posted At 17:50:43 05/22/2000
Wait for months, for hearing to get my money back. Call it 50 grand plus penalties. And the lawyer calls and says were going to stand down.

It appears, it doesn't matter if the IME doctors are right, wrong, or upside down they are still right. All they have to do is say the word and now it is my burden of proof and I can't prove my case.

Plus getting ragged on for not finding work, when everyone knows it grows on trees, all you have to do is look up and a job will fall in your lap. I must be too picky. 85 letters of thanks but no thanks, 790 different contacts, who knows how many times I have contacted all these guys, still to picky and I'm doing something wrong.
In the same boat Re: Lawyer has no balls (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:03:47 05/23/2000

Don't feel shit upon all alone!
My attorney jsut recently quit because I wouldn't settle for a lousy $3,000.00...
I am permentaly disabled, and have had several surgeries...
I can no longer return to the work force...
Because I would not settle, my attorney sent me a letter of withdrawl..

If you don't get a royal F***ing from the insurance companies, you get it from your attorney!!
Working Families Of America Unite Re: Lawyer has no balls (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:47:20 05/24/2000

Posted At 13:22:49 01/18/2000
This is why we are losing the battle. Hear are some of the answer we have receive from attorney since April-1997 to Sept.1999. Hear are just a few. "Can't help " Your to close to home" "Call after referee's decision Called later for appeal,not much we can do" System has problems, not interested", No response" " your locked into the system" Can't get screwed,if I present this before referee, I don't want to screw things up" Cannot jeopardize myself, have a wife and two kids" Will not jeopardize other cases of Workers'Comp. for one case" I don't want to do, I have other cases to consider" $5,000 min.deposit, They do not pay till eve of case" Contact your state Rep."your concern is really a political one at this point. Case has mereits" After hearing case to busy. "do not want to get involed, look out side the area."This man has been fighting this case for 15 years. This case is not about him it's about his wife who past away in 1989.Read our web site it will tell you how bad its really is in the workers comp. system in Pa.and around the counrty. or go to WI MAIN PAGE AND LOOK FOR RELATED GROUPS UNDER PENNSYLVANIA THANKS.I hope this info will help someone learn how the system really workers.Remember this their is no such word in the my dictionary or yours is Can't. Keep up the fight and God Bless John.
judy john Re: Lawyer has no balls (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:24:52 05/26/2000

I am having similar problems...attorneys dont want to get out on limb lawyers in salem oregon. My attorney of record took a dive on me excused herself from the fight. i have to write my own brief for review and have no idea how to attorney to back me.....ive fought a good fight, not willing to give up yet, god, what a maze.

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