IWONY (e-mailed to WI)

Author Subject: IWONY (e-mailed to WI)
Pamela Wimp Posted At 08:20:05 01/13/2000
OK Everybody! Let's show how many injured workers there are online!


>From MZientz:

I will be meeting with one of the presidential hopefuls this Friday night. I
would like to be able to tell him that there is a large if not huge group of
VOTERS that would like him to take a positive stand on WC issues. You can be
sure I'm not talking about Texas George. Please ask the leaders of any other
WC organizations that you are in contact with to E-Mail me at
and advise the number of members and supporters willing to
work for and vote for a candidate that will pledge to support Federal Minimum
Standards for WC benefits. See SB2008 of the 1972 -3 congress. It needs to be
updated, resurrected and passed this time.

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