Derfler favors the weakening of Oregons Child labor laws

Author Subject: Derfler favors the weakening of Oregons Child labor laws
Tom L Posted At 21:11:57 05/24/2000
It's bad enough that Sen Gene derfler has eroded Oregons Workers compensation laws, now
he favors an overhaul of the state's child labor laws.
"Derfler where are you coming from".
Haven't you and Kevin Mannix caused enough harm in this state.
Thank God for term limits!

Wage and Hour Commission Hears Near-Unanimous Opposition to Its Proposal to Weaken Oregon's Child Labor Laws…

The proposal to loosen restrictions on the employment of children under 16 in Oregon drew unanimous criticism
from eight witnesses who testified at a hearing on the subject before the Oregon Wage and Hour Commission last Friday
including Tim Nesbitt and Lynn-Marie Crider for theOregon AFL-CIO, Jim Sager for the Oregon Education Association
Dean Braa for AFT-Oregon, Emil Jorgenson and EdisonPuerta for SEIU Local 49, Dorianne Beyer for the New York-based National Child Labor Committee
State Rep. Diane Rosenbaum and Lane County Commissioner Peter Sorensen. The only testimony in favor of the proposal came in the form of a letter
from "State Sen. Gene Derfler", which was more than offset by a strong letter of opposition from Gov. John Kitzhaber. The Commission adjourned the
hearing without taking action on their proposal and will reconvene to take up the proposal again at 9:00 AM, Friday, May 26 in Room 1160 of the
Portland State Office Building at 800 NE Oregon St. in Portland.
anne hicks - Ontario Canada Re: Derfler favors the weakening of Oregons Child labor laws (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:27:22 02/28/2001

HRW reports that the US is in violation of the
Worst Forms of Child Labor of the ILO. (See
Fingers to the Bone.

Mr Derfler and his buddies ?in places like Texas?
might want to note that British Columbia
has been toughening its child labor laws
to surpass most of the USA.

We have real gun laws up here and
a health care system that doesn't
exclude 11,000,000 children, including
disabled children, the way yours does.

There's a few "old sayings" here in
Canada - You don't go to the store
to get your appendix out and you don't
turn children into indentured servants.

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