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Del Posted At 21:31:38 05/28/2000
C. Strouse
There must have been 3-4 commecials in just the last few hours. The show is on NBC at eight o'clock.

E-mail Dateline NBC and tell them the truth.

Here's what I sent:

I see Dateline is running commercials about a segment on workers' comp fraud for Monday. How many is this now? Have ANY of your previous expose' even touched upon fraud by employers, state government, or workers' comp insurance providers? I think not! Injured workers are fed up with being maligned by steady streams of shows that ignore the overwhelming monitory costs of workers' comp fraud.
Don't believe me! Ask insurance companies to show you their internal reports. They prove about 1% claimant fraud, not the up to 30% they publicly claim. You can also visit:

Consumer Reports, Feb 2000
WI File Library
Articles include:
Comp Fraud, The Real Story,_The_Real_Story.html
The Next Assault on Workers' Comp
The Hartford Settles Lawsuit for $12 Million

To look at how the Oregon Workers' Comp System works, visit and

I'm curious and would appreciate an answer on these observations.

To show video footage of an injured worker, don't you need permission of the insurance company? They own it, not the PI.
What percentage of your advertising revenue comes from employers? (companies with employees)
How about all insurance companies combined?
Are you still owned by GE Electric?

I could never believe that Dateline is regularly airing these shows for its own economic enhancement. But perhaps to relieve suspicions from some of a "conflict-of-interest," perhaps Dateline could start each of these "one-sided editorials with an objective disclaimer. When the walls come crashing down on insurance companies, (it's already started) it would erase any future stigma in regards to Dateline having been a puppet for the propaganda machine of the United States and Canadian insurance industry.

You may contact me at if you should ever decide to change corporate policy and report both sides of a story that negatively effects 100's of thousands of our citizens each year.

(My name, address, & phone # was inserted here)

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