Re: need work-comp info for MI ~ can anyone help here?

Author Subject: Re: need work-comp info for MI ~ can anyone help here?
BobK Posted At 22:34:42 06/01/2000
The wc law provides both disability benefits (for lost wages) and medical benefits,
as well as voc rehab and other benefits. You are entitled to all of these.
There is no reason not to accept the disability benefits. MI has a pretty
decent wc law, compared to most states. That's the good news.

The bad news is that RSIs (repetitive stress injuries) like yours are
serious and often very difficult to treat effectively. Surgeons see you
as a customer and of course advise surgery. But surgeries for such injuries
often create new and more disabling conditions than the original injury.
Check this site for info on alternative treatments:

About time limits, in MI you are to notify your employer of injury within 90 days.
Sounds like you did that. You have up to 2 years from date of injury to
file a claim. Your employer SHOULD have already done that for you. Many
fail to do so, however. Call your MI wc agency and see if they have a file
on your injury. You have to take control of your claim. You can't rely
on your employer, the state, or anyone else but yourself.

MI wc info should be available online. Check, and choose "state resources,"
Michigan, and search for "workers' compensation," or choose "cases and codes" to
read the actual wc statute.

Best wishes.
vicki furgerson Re: need work-comp info for MI ~ can anyone help here? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:00:57 03/29/2001

Been at job for 10 years, walking on cement floor full time plus alot of overtime,i am a robot o,have been off work for 2mos,went to shop docter,said i had planter fasciitis,but it wasnt from work, I know it is,going to foot docter might have operion and was told it might not fix,My docter said i might wont to change job,Need to know if this is comp case .
Thank you
Vicki Furgerson

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