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C Dosch Posted At 17:29:27 06/04/2000
Dear C Strouse,
I too have sent an e-mail to Dateline over 3 months ago regarding the "real" injured workers instead of always seeing shows about folks who rip off the company.
I worked for a company for almost 20 years and was terminated in July 1998 because of 3 surgeries, 2 for carpel tunnel and one for trigger finger. No one in my department would help me, workers comp certainly didn't and neither did my attorney. Because of my injury I have lost the use of my hands and am unable to work and am on Social Security Disability. I did not just lose the use of my hands but my way of life. If I had lied just one time about my case I would have been in big trouble. However it seems to be okay for my attorney, the doctors and workers comp to go right over the truth. I saw a pain phsycologist for over a year and can honestly say he is the only one who truly helped me to deal with my pain and my life now. So I truly support you about the so called 30% of people who rip off their employer. No one ever seems to want to know about the folks who have truly lost alot.
I did miss the show but I have seen others like it and I will be sending another e-mail to Dateline. Good Luck!

C Dosch

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