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Author Subject: Re: Are Injured workers ward of the state?
Joannie B. Posted At 04:17:10 06/07/2000
I have a question regarding the control the states have over the legal actions the families of the injured workers can take. My husband was injured over 4 years ago, his claim was stalled, then denied and no benefits were paid for over 2 years. LNI was without legal grounds for withholding benefits or for the eventual rejection, and the minute we hired an attorney, the benefits were paid. The attorney got over $9,000.00 for writing 2 letters containing no new information, only the notice of representation, and the request for payment of benefits. We have lived through a 4 year nightmare that has had a devistating effect on our 5 children, 3 of which have lost all help with collage expenses we had planned on providing. That was spent on living expenses. Our health insurance was the first to go, then car insurance, and we just got the house insurance bill, but have no money to pay it.

It seems to me that the families of injured workers that are victims right along with their injured loved ones, should be able to get someone to listen, and see that this system is a violation of too many civil, constitutional, and human rights to list. And these violations are against the families, as well as the person unfortunate enough to be forced into this systm because they were injured on the job, and had no choice!!!!!

Any insite?

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