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CAROLINE RAY Posted At 18:09:12 06/07/2000
My claim has been closed for over 2 years. Still I received a notice for IME. Went nuts, called my atty, and ombudsman, and so far have staved off going. Get your atty. to fight it if you work on nothing else and call ombudsman!! THIS IS IMPORTANT. Anyone out there who has been sexually molested by an IME, Please contact me at TIES e mail. I have finally found a REAL doctor who is willing to help us by pushing Medical Board and if no reaction, then the media all over this state will hear about it from him. THIS IS A FIRST AND IT'S TAKEN YEARS. PLEASE REPLY. If you are afraid, I understand. Put any name but include your phone number so I can contact you and explain. LETS TAKE ACTION!!!!! Caroline

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