Sexual abuse from IME

Author Subject: Sexual abuse from IME
Caroline Posted At 20:10:59 06/07/2000
I will put this message just about anywhere it will fit with subject matter on IMEs. Please contact me at my Email address if you have been sexually mistreated by any IME doctors. I have a real doctor who will help us get the Medical Board to do something or else spread the word through the media in every way he can. He's serious! He called the Medical Board from his office as I was sitting there for my appointment. He repeated aloud what the person at the other end was saying so I would know and told them at the start that I was sitting there in his office. The person at the Medical Board said "we've had so many complaints on that IME (used name) for mistreatment of people as well as sexual problems." It was followed with a slight snicker. Help me so this doctor that wants to help us can do so. Do this by sending a note to my E mail, even if you feel you need to use a name not your own. THIS IS A BIG CHANCE TO FINALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE WHORE DOCTORS!!! You wanted help, here's your chance. Caroline

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