Doctors and Attorneys

Author Subject: Doctors and Attorneys
Injured Worker Posted At 09:15:13 06/08/2000
I am so tired of fighting this damned, stupid system...
I was injured 4 years ago...still "fighting" with insurance company!
Insurance company has not paid for any of my surgeries...Private insurance and Medicare has....

My "opinion" is written here....

To all Independent Medical Examiners and Attorneys;
It is my "opinion" that all of you are in this for nothing more than the money...We, as injured workers, feel as if none of you have any compassion or even a conscience....
In other words, You are all WHORES!

Please keep in mind that there has been no attorney, patient relationship between any of us....


How do you like that "written opinion"???
If the IME doctors are allowed to do this, why can't we??

Rick S. Re: Doctors and Attorneys (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 07:47:50 07/30/2000

First of all I agree with you. And second of all until people get togther and stop licking our wounds and start signing petitions and trying to get a nation wide complaint to the legislation,congress,state senators, and the white house will never get any where with our problems. I do know what your talking about since I too am going thru it, but I'm trying to get as many petition signed to take to these place to make a change for the better.

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