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From: J Roberts
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From: J Roberts
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Is an Injured Worker considered a Citizen of the United States of
America.? Does he have Constitutional Rights? The Workman's
Compensation Court is a Constitutional Court but is any injured worker
afforded his or her right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,
our unalienable rights? A right to a speedy tria?

If you or a loved one has ever been injured on the job, then you must
read this.

In 1984, a young man was severely injured on the job, working hard for
his family. Here on in we will refer to him as Mr. F. Roberts. After
being Honorably discharged in 1979 with Honors from the U.S. Army Corp
of Engineers as a top night marksman and senior crane operator, he
decided to go back to the family business, truck driving. At the time
he was injured he had a wife and young son to care for. He was
continuously overworked and compelled by pressure among his fellow
drivers to keep two sets of logbooks just to keep his job.

The same year he was injured, over One Million workers were injured
in California alone. We are talking about only one year, only one
state. Two-Hundred thousand workers were injured so badly that they had
to seek judicial resolution, because the "insurance company" was
disputing, denying or delaying their claim. In 1992, California did
start a fraud unit for work injuries, but invariably it is the worker
they are trying to prove to be fraudulent, and it is still taking up to
two years to reach a resolution at this time.

I was that young man's wife and I am the witness to the atrocities
that I am about to divulge. He is still alive...a shell of his former
self. A 12 foot fall upside down can change your destiny.!!

The year 2000 is fast approaching. Sixteen years have passed since
the accident took place. He has still not received proper medical
treatment, very little medication, nor a Compromise and Release
Settlement from the Insurance Company.

Going into the 21st Century , the elusive promise of health reform
is on every ones' minds. It will definitely be a deciding factor as to
"who" will win the Election of 2000. Does this health reform include
the "Injured Worker?" Is he even being considered?

The Blue Collar Worker is the mainstay of our society, but they are
shunned like 'lepers' if they get hurt on the job. One organization in
Boston, MA keeps statistics on everyone who gets injured on the job.
This information is available to any prospective employer for a fee.
So, if employers have a steady flow of young healthy workers, why hire
an older person who has unfortunately been injured on the job.

Health reform is definitely needed in this Country, for the low
income individual and the indigent...but we need to open our eyes as to
what really happens when a worker gets hurt.

How his benefits get lost in the mail!
How his electricity gets cut off!
How his children do without!

In our case, I can prove everything that I am about to say. The
docket number will be included with this E-mail. There is a hidden
conspiracy in the California Workmen's Compensation System. In reality
; it is happening in every state.

I took my husband to 17 different doctors. There were 5 different
Workman's Compensation Judges. Our file was checked out almost 50 times.
Disability payments were stopped after 9 months, and he was forced into
rehabilitation. Before judgment was made this man was forced to undergo
psychiatric evaluation; even though his medical records proved how
injured he was. We had 16 court dates. It took 7 years before a
Judgement was made by the Workman's Compensation Court. It was
determined that the insurance company was relying on an erroneous claim
of a second injury as their reason for denying medical benefits and
medical treatment. However, apportionment is not allowed by law to deny
a worker his benefits. The judgement was finally made in OUR favor. Now,
who was going to enforce it??

I have the actual letters from three California State Senators, the
California Department of Insurance, the U.S. Department of Justice's
United States Attorney for the Central District of California, the White
House under the George Bush Sr. Administration, and the U.S. Department
of Labor; all denying any jurisdiction nor any authority to resolve our
issues. Any of these will be made available upon request.

In early 1991 I filed a Complaint with the United States District
Court Central District of California citing my Cause of Action under USC
1983 Title 42-Civil Actions Deprivation of Rights, USC 1985 Title-42
Conspiracy to Interfere with Civil Rights and USC 1986 Title 42-Neglect
to Prevent Conspiracy. After numerous evasions by the Defendant's
attorneys; including the State Attorney General of the State of
California, the Senior Assistant Attorney General, Supervising Deputy
Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General who are defending the 5
Workman's Compensation Judges, I was eventually dismissed for failure to
state a claim.

By late 1991, I filed an appeal in the United States Court of
Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in the State of California under the 1st
and 14th Amendments with issues raised and Case Law to back up my claims.
Again I was dismissed, for failure to allege that injured workers were
members of a protected class. It was further noted that the disposition
was not appropriate for publication and could not be cited to or by the
courts of this circuit. The panel also unanimously found that the case
was suitable for decision without oral argument.

I am only a common person but I have had to learn California
Workman's Compensation law, California Federal Civil law and United
States Supreme Court Civil law. I have tried repeatedly to obtain
counsel, but as we are suing five judges, two doctors, one lawyer, one
clinic, and two companies, I do understand everyone's fear of reprisal.

We asked for help from every source available to us including, but
not limited to, the ACLU, Legal Aid, the Los Angeles Bar, Los Angeles
Civil Rights attorneys, the California Welfare System, the Social
Security Administration and even the Veteran's Hospital. Every time we
were given the same answer. It was a "work injury" and the insurance
company was liable.

I could go on and on about the denials, appeals, delays, motions,
etc.. I could fill a hundred pages with the atrocities that we as a
family suffered. In November of 1991 HBO ran a special entitled "Death
on the Job". It stated that Six Million people in the United States are
injured on the job each year. Approximately 10,000 workers are killed
outright and another 70,000 die eventually from the work related injury.
Last November, Tom Brokaw on Nightline reenforced this estimate.

In 1987 a survey was taken from the spouses of injured workers.
Ninety per cent were unable to tolerate the situation, nor the
dysfunction the worker experienced, and separated from the injured
worker. What happens to all of these workers, who are mainly men because
it is they who often work the dangerous and hazardous jobs. They are not
only devastated by not being able to provide for their family, but they
are now alone with no income. The resources available to men are almost
nil. The Salvation Army is hardly a recuperative environment for an
injured worker who should be in a rehabilitative environment.

I singlehandedly took care of my son and husband for eight years
while trying to pursue this case. We got so far behind with denial of
benefits etc. that we spent a year in a state park, four months of which
were in a tent, and then almost 7 years in a 21 foot 1951 Airstream
travel trailer. By 1992 I could no longer stand the abuse that came from
the deranged person my husband had become. Serious injuries and no
medication will do that to anyone. I prayed for him to leave me and he

In October of 1992, I filed a petition on behalf of my ex husband of
20 years, our son and myself in the Supreme Court of the United States
for the October Term 1992. Again, I was not smart enough and I had to
re-file in the United States Supreme Court of Appeals where it is today.

Finally, though, I was awarded a Docket No. 92-6675.

I am only trying to uphold some of the vows that I took with this
man that I loved, that will never be the same again. I owe it to our son
to clear his father's name, to restore his good name.

The inequities and the injustices in this case are considerable. It
is time that I make a national appeal to the millions of injured workers
to help me with this case, both emotionally and financially.

It has now been over 7 years since I filed this case in the United
States Supreme Court. It is an appeal on the behalf of the millions of
injured workers everywhere..The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case on
behalf of a death row inmate convicted of murder in Nevada who claimed
his Eighth Amendment right was being violated by having to share a cell
with a smoker.

As my husband of over twenty years was working hard for his family
when he was injured, I feel it my moral duty to see that he is treated
with the respect that is due him and that he be entitled to his
Constitutional rights. Namely the First and the Fourteenth Amendment
that guarantee the right to address grievances and the right to due
process. We were denied a court appointed attorney, so I am pleading to
any God fearing Federal Attorney or attorneys that could help me Pro
Bono. I have already done most of the work but the last sixteen years
have taken a toll on me as well.

The allegations that I presented in the complaint are verifiable
occurrences that constitute "judicial brutality" and widespread
corruption within the Workman's Compensation System. This statement will
be sent simultaneously to newspapers in most states, all major network
news programs, the Associated Press, the top talk shows so as to perhaps
insure my safety at exposing this multi billion dollar collaboration.

Our nation needs an organization to address the needs of the injured
worker and his family, to help with financial and mental problems and to
find a way to insure a speedy trial. Sixteen years is a long time...

Anyone who would like to contribute a few dollars, moral support,
legal support or any kind of assistance at all can either contact me at
my e-mail address or at my P.O. box.

Remember, 1 in 5 workers that get hurt on the job will end up in
litigation to resolve the issues. 1 in 10 workers will be hurt on the
job this year.

One of them could be you.

United we stand, divided we fall. Toedakah....

J Roberts

e mail

3350 Hwy 6, Suite #237

Sugar Land, TX 77478
terrejo Re: CONSPIRACY IN THE WORKPLACE (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:55:58 05/24/2000

I have just finished reading your post and it made me cry first, then become fearful for my own case. I am so sorry for your trials and you will be in my prayers.I don't know if just my thoughts or care of your situation will bring you any relief but it is all I have to offer you and sincerely meant.I'll leave off this message here,my situation is hardly worth complaining about.If you would ever like to talk here is my email address.
J Roberts Re: CONSPIRACY IN THE WORKPLACE (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:26:33 05/19/2001

Thank you for your message. Another relapse. I am back...

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