Even the Famous Aren't Safe from Liberty Mutual's (Liberty Northwest) GREED

Author Subject: Even the Famous Aren't Safe from Liberty Mutual's (Liberty Northwest) GREED
Del Posted At 14:37:19 06/11/2000
I ran across yet another terrible injustice being done to the Detoit Lion's Michael Utley, who became quadriplegic from a football game.

Although nobody is above anyone else, you would think that under the circumstances, this would be one person who would be treated with some decency by Liberty Northwest.

Its not like LNW can use their standard tactic of saying the injury wasn't work-related.

If the offer to settle seems high to you, remember that his medical costs, which are not mentioned, through his lifetime will be several millions of dollars. He's also receiving $580 a week in benefits, a considerable drop in earnings for a pro football player.

Do these insurance company slime think they'll be treated any better if they're severely injured and no longer USEFUL to their greedy, morally corrupt employers? We've been talking with a New Jersey adjuster who was scr***d after being injured even though he had additional disability coverage.

The Detroit news article is here.

A formatted copy of the article is here.

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