801 And initial Doctors doesn't nessesarily mean clear sailing

Author Subject: 801 And initial Doctors doesn't nessesarily mean clear sailing
Tarzan Posted At 19:41:23 06/12/2000
On my initial report, I was the statue of liberty. I guess I was reaching for some chew. Or maybe I wanted to protect my left arm.

The second doctor, said I had full strenght and full range of motion, when lifting my right arm over my head. When I could just barely pick up my arm.

And this got to the point of moving my right arm with my left, so cover all your bases, if you have the slightest pain, on the other side, get it in righting and make the insurance company accept it. You'll be surprised how far they'll go to ignore your symtoms.

And I'm going to assume everyone, new to the system, is as dumb as I was. Just remember you are walking in the Shadow of the Valley of Death.

I saw on the bullitin board today, an advertisement for liberty nw. How fair they are, and how they are trying to stomp out fraud. Didn't say any thing about their FRAUD.

It took a year before I started to complain about my left arm, they still haven't accepted it, but I did do sergury, with my own money. Thank GOD for a few honest doctors.

The most important thing I can say, is keep a log. And don't go to the doctor without a note, hand written or typed, a computer is great for record keeping. Document everything.

Just remember their lawyers make a living beating up on simple people like us. So do your best to get well read. There's lots of information on the net, you just have to find it. Ask questions.
Del IME travesty (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:14:31 06/16/2000

Tarzan and others,
I was e-mailed a site that has info on how to prepare for an IME.
It's here.

If you use the WI Search Engine here and type IME you'll find some info.
The first WI message board can be searched here.
The IWA File Library has other info here.

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