Re: going back to work be fore final decision?????

Author Subject: Re: going back to work be fore final decision?????
Tarzan Posted At 19:54:55 06/20/2000
I looked for work for 2 years, trying to find work, that you are not experienced at is almost impossible. Unless you work for next to nothing.
My lawyer said it would be easier to settle, if I was working.
So I took a job in Silverton, for $9-11/hour depending on how many hours I work. 10 or 12 hour days, to make almost half what I made before I was hurt.
How is your pain???? Are you able to work long hours, and what are you planning on doing, for work?
I wouldn't think you would have any problem functioning in a sedatary job. Assuming you can sit all day, and hopefully move around. Not just sit in one spot.
I would leave it up to your doctor for now. As I said finding work is not all that easy anyway. You could bust your ass looking and still not find anyone interested in you.
Good Luck

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