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Author Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Nightmare
Tarzan Posted At 21:33:06 06/22/2000
I also did carpal tunnel on both hands at once. My ring finger, and middle finger on my left hand, felt they were on fire, then turned to numbness, and tingling.

It's now been, 6-1/2 month's and the fingers no longer bother me. I'd say go out and mow the yard every day, and do some typing, squeaze a ball, lift some weights, what you can.

I've read, women have more trouble with carpal tunnel. Maybe men just beat themselves up more. Do all you can, things that vibrate seems to help alot.

Mix hot and cold therapy, a hot wet towel, and put an ice bag on it, will ease the transition to the cold.

Be tough!

They call that, sequential or sequalal. Anything that goes wrong, because of sergury is still part of your claim. Nick Sencer, or Lloyd Shebley, should be able to help as attorney.

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