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Author Subject: Re: Why can't injurwd workers find decent attorney? Please read
Advocate Posted At 14:01:12 01/18/2000
The problem is just as bad here in Oregon Too!.
The Workers comp carriers make damn sure that your attorney recieves
little for his or her time, It is a way for the carriers to punish
these attorneys for accepting your case, Even though if you lose you case
the Carriers pay their attorneys thousands in bonus money for saving them
from the amount of compensation.

The attorney that represented my case was paid $150 for his time, and they refused
to pay his travel expenses to court, That bill was up to me to pay.
That is how these companies want it. I had to sit and listen to an obviously
drunk Administrative Law Judge who could't remember what either attorney was saying
He kept asking for them to repeat themselves. My attorney asked the judge if he was
feeling alright and we had to listen to the Judge chew my attorney out
because in his mind he felt that my attorney was questioning his compentancy
in handling what was presented to him. Even the parasite W/C attorney made a comment
about his ability to handle this case.

I have a feeling that if the Oregon State Supreme court rules in favor of smothers
that all of the attorneys that have been excluded from proper compensation
for handling Injured workers cases will make their servises know.
Their is no money to be made for private attorneys, Oregon state has saw to that.
What a wonderful state of affairs for a State to keep Injured workers or anyone
from recieving their right to due process. When I think about how the State
of Oregon treats its citizens, I am reminded of Germany of the 30's and 40's.

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