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argh Posted At 01:10:45 06/30/2000
I looked through this site and couldn't find much from California.
If there are any injured workers from California I would like to hear from
them to get perspective on California laws. I appreciate this site if only
to see that I am not alone. I have know people with injuries and problems,
and though I felt sorry for them, never really knew where they were coming
from. Now I have gone from being relatively healthy to pretty worthless.
This is one perspective I could have done without.
judy john Re: California Cases (Currently 1 replies)
Posted At 12:06:12 06/30/2000

just keep surfing ....theres lots of info
good luck.
Del California injured workers groups (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:10:25 07/03/2000

There are several California Groups. More of them than any other state I believe. Visit WI's "Related Groups" page to see a few. Judy John listed above Injured Workers of America. They have a state by state listing under "IWA Regional State Coordinators."
Also visit

The following list hasn't been updated for awhile.

The following are organizations we're aware of that either are or have information on California advocacy/support groups for injured workers.

B.E.S.T. (Battered Employee Support Team) - We have a group in Sacramento Ca. . We know that this is going on all over the country with no real resolve .. we need to go further and Washington D.C. needs to hear from us, after all there is a lot of legislators there who made us what we are today!

Charles Bruscino
4305 Portola Dr.
Santa Cruz, Ca, 95062

Richard L. Koontz
Injured Workers' Advocate (CA)
e-mail address:

Complensation Alert
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit that's been around about eight or nine years trying to give support and education to injured workers as well as getting involved in the agencies, etc.
e-mail address:

Scroll down to "California RSI Support Groups" and then find the heading "Injured Worker Groups". There are several groups listed there.

Press Democrat -
California based newspaper with a series of articles on Calif. Workers' Comp. Look in the article titled "Restoring benefits" for info on Dorsey Hamilton who is California's best known workers comp advocate. I'd recommend reading everything at this site especially the article "Brown introduces workers comp bills" Unlike Oregon, you had Valerie Brown, a state legislator who put workers health and safety over the profits of the California businesses. Term limits ended her legislative membership.

Prairie Law Message Board -
If you leave a message & in the title type something like "Searching for (insert your county) Calif. support groups". You will probably get several answers back due to the popularity of this message board. It's also a good place to get answers to other questions you may have.

The Consumer Law Page Also go to their main page and type "Workers Compensation"

Orange County Chapter Of NAFIW (National Association of Federal Injured Workers.

There's a book entitled "Take Charge of Your Workers' Compensation Claim", An A to Z Guide for Injured Employees. It is written by Attorney Christopher A. Ball and was last revised in Feb. 1998. Mr. Ball also runs the Workers' Comp Advise Hotline. The fee is 2.50 per minute with a $37.50 minimum charge (15-minutes) The number is toll-free 1-888-LAW-3111, 24 hours a day. The book is $23.96 at Suggested retail price is $29.95.

Other books and legal advice can be found at Los Angeles Law On-Line at:
Richard L. "Dick" Koontz Re: California Cases (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:48:41 11/22/2000

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