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judy john Posted At 12:06:12 06/30/2000
just keep surfing ....theres lots of info
good luck.
Bluzmon Re: California Cases (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:06:22 10/08/2000

I live in California and was injured on the job July 28 1998. I'm still going through the bullshit but its almost over now.
I sustained 2 hernias the stomach and intestinal kind and three herniated disks in my lower back. It has taken a long time and I have been put though some changes. (Beware the Dr. that favors the insurance company) I changed Doctors 3 times before I found one that had my health interests in mind first and formost.
The insurance companies would like to see every case settled A.S.A.P. so they put out the least amount of money for treatment and try to get away with a small settlement at the end.
My stand is that I was fine until I was injured on the job due to poor judgement from my supervisor. I don't feel greedy wanting all I can get because this injury has altered my life forever! I can still walk and do many things but now the things I enjoy doing have a price tag on them that is always payable with pain and discomfort.
The insurance company is not your friend!

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