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Tarzan Posted At 15:36:30 07/01/2000
Sinister Man

Let me assure you if you got busted up, could no longer do what you enjoy for work, and play, you to would be lobbying to make a change, in an unfair system.

To reinerate, the paper pusher sees your claim lasts too long, they have gone over some magic number.

The paper pusher passes the information to some other paper pusher at a higher level at Great Benefit.

Then the lawyer makes an appointment, with some pseudodoctor, complete with a set of instructions on what to check, and how to check and how to phrase it to make this poor broken down soul look like a whining sniveling fool.

The point that is missing here is simple, Great Benifit doesn't have to tell the truth, all they have to do is say what sounds good to their side, and now the ball is in your court to prove them wrong.

Trouble is, these pseudodoctors are proclaimed expert medical doctors, if they have a clue, they don't show it, you can look in medical journals and see what the real truth is.

Some times doctors know what to do, and don't because it is too much hastle to get paid, so maybe you were thrown out of the system, by some doctor who realy only cared about his fancy office, house and car.

It is so much easier to do sergury, collect a large fee, and tell this guy to go away, when what he really wants is to go back to 5 minutes before he fell off the bridge.

Don't you think it is logical that Great Benifit, would tow the line, if there was more to loose than a 25 percent penalty, and a wack on the wrist.
That they may loose millions of dollars for their caluse treatment of human beings.

Don't you know if they did the same to a dog, they would be on the six o'clock news, covering their heads and saying no comment.

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