Magazine's review finds problems workers' compensation

Author Subject: Magazine's review finds problems workers' compensation
Advocate Posted At 09:28:32 01/20/2000
Magazine's review finds problems in workers compensation

The Associated Press
01/19/00 10:09 PM Eastern

NEW YORK (AP) -- The workers compensation system, which is supposed to
provide a lifeline for people injured on the job, instead offers
dramatically inadequate coverage to some workers, according to a report
Wednesday by Consumer Reports magazine.

The insurance industry says the system has made great strides in protecting
the health and safety of American workers.

At issue are a series of laws passed in the 1990s by state legislatures
around the country to cut insurers' costs and stamp out fraud.

"The new laws have generated profits for insurers and savings for employers
mainly at the expense of injured workers," writes Marlys Harris, a Consumer
Reports associate editor, in an article filled with anecdotes about injured
workers who have waged lengthy battles with their workers compensation

The magazine accuses the insurance industry of stinginess in pushing laws
through 29 legislatures that allow insurers to require claimants to be
treated only by doctors approved by the insurer or employer. Some states
lowered the number of weeks that employees could collect benefits and
stopped benefits when an employee was determined able to return to work,
among other reforms.

The magazine reported that workers compensation benefits paid by insurers
and employer premiums, as a percentage of payroll, fell by more than 20
percent from 1992 to 1996. It acknowledged that some of the decline came
from new safety measures by employers and a declining number of dangerous

Robert Hartwig, chief economist of the New York-based industry group
Insurance Information Institute, said the workers compensation system works
well for the vast majority of people injured on the job.

"We want to pay all legitimate claims. Millions of workers are processed
through the system expeditiously every year, and treated very fairly," he

Fred Johnson Re: Magazine's review finds problems workers' compensation (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:30:03 01/31/2000

It would only be fair and equitable if you were not tied up in the system. I am now going threw the starvation stage, of a fall in Sept. 95, followed by four operations the last paid for by myself, and of course Liberty NW still denies, the claim. Saying they reserve the right of remedy in case of fraud. And of course, by-lateral carpal tunnel combined with, by-lateral Distal Ulna Resection, is old-age, unnessarry, cosmetic, and to be compared to having a manacure. Next we go to some kind of hearing to prove I have been looking for work, which I'm am not qualified for, but of course I'm too upity to take a job at some lumber store assuming such a job was offered, Don't get me started, the system is far from acceptable. A black man would fair better at a KKK meeting, The Jews would fair better at Auswitch, at least they would be dead and not subjected to being called a liar, and a fraud, And the 5 by 5 strength thing with the IME doctors, yeas I'm sorry to say, a hang-man's nouse would be a better means of fall protection.

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