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Tarzan Posted At 19:58:23 07/06/2000
Remember to take a watch, check the time you go in. When you go into the examination room. And when you come out.

Take a note pad and leave it in your truck, or car, as soon as you get out, write down every thing you can remember about your conversation, and what the pseudoctor did.

Put it in a nice neat format for your doctor, and your lawyer, and pass the information on. Also Maria Carraher, the Omsbudsman in Salem.

Keep notes on all that goes on, even give your doctor, a note concerning what you want to tell him, it's easy to get side tracked in an exam, also the addrenaline is flowing so your pain won't be as intense.

Be smart as you can be, the lawyers for the otherside won't miss anything.

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