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Mac Williams Posted At 19:41:15 07/07/2000
To Everyone Who Comes Here:

For those of you who don't know, Ernie Delmazzo, the creator of this site, has also masterminded a notorious negative website against Kevin Mannix, a Republican candidate for State Attorney General. It is clear Delmazzo is on a personal vendetta to destroy people that had nothing to do with his 1996 neck injury. In my intense research, I found no ties to Mannix or his office, meaning Delmazzo is on some warped witch hunt. A more damning fact is the fact that Delmazzo reportedly sent emails to every newspaper in the state in an effort to promote his unholy crusade.

As a freelance private investigator, I have been researching Delmazzo and his true motives. Of course, anger is an obvious one, but I fear there is a deeper motive that would drive a man to create an entire website blasting someone he has not come into contact with. As his laywer has said, Ernie "takes an unusual interest" in select politicians. Unusual indeed. Delmazzo is a registered Republican according to the Clackamas County office, but is seeking to destroy the party. Of course he is trying to get Hardy Myers elected. As I said, there is probably a deeper motive.

In the course of my research, I also found much content on this site and these message boards that border on character assassination and are slanderous at best. I urge Mr. Delmazzo to consider the party's best interests instead of his own personal agenda in this matter. Delmazzo has every right to post his site, but he is not helping anyone other than himself by crucifing Mannix.

Respectfully submitted,

Mac Williams
Tarzan Re: The Truth (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:14:25 07/07/2000

I've seen it before, I'll try to find it again.

Kevin Mannix the lawyer, who went up against some poor broken down fool.

At the Workman's Compensation Board Hearings Division.

Is it OK to represent Great Benifit, and make Oregon Laws, to help support Great Benifit?

I'll have to think about that for awhile.

And you are a real saint for sticking up for your republican buddy.

In my book if you make over a million dollars a year, then you can vote republican.
Tom L Re: The Truth (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:44:37 07/08/2000

I have read your post and would very much like to comment on it.

The heading of your post is THE TRUTH.
Lets take a good look at the truth shall we.
Ernie Delmazzo is and shall always be an Injured worker. He started the Injured
Workers Alliance as a means of Informing other injured workers of what lies
ahead of them, Greed, Corruption, political payoffs from the Insurance companies
handing out millions of dollars to protect their interests, and under the shoes of these
facts are the Injured workers. I have known Mr Delmazzo for over three years and in
my opinion his knowledge of the Workers compensation system is excellent, better
than 90% of the lawmakers that are in Salem, including our Governor

You stated in your post and I quote " I have been researching Delmazzo and his true motives".
How can a private investigator know the true motives of a man unless he has walked in his shoes.
The knowledge you have obtained about Ernie is on paper at his county courthouse. You can't get into a mans head.
You opinion of Mr Delmazzo is subjective and unfounded.
Lets talk about kevin Mannix, Mr Mannix has been one of the lawmakers that have fought injured
workers all the way to court, Including his senate bills, too many to post here, just look through
the site Mac. Kevin Mannix represents Insurance companies AGAINST Injured workers so it should be obvious
that his name would not be popular here, including some of the people that he has screwed because of his litigation
against them. You also stated that Ernie is a registered Republican. I need to remind you that Mr Mannix changed parties
in mid stream, how do you think the people in his district of Salem felt about this fact. So don't talk
about a private citizens loyal party affiliation when Mr Mannix showed his loyality. Did Mannix
have his parties best Interest when he switched parties, COME ON MAC.

You also stated that His attorney said the ernie takes an unusual interest in select politicians, well
who dosen't Mac, You have, it is obvious who paid you to investigate Mr Delmazzo. Here is what Ernies attorney said
about him.

Posted by Ernest M. Jenks, P.C., Attorney at Law. on February 06, 1999.

This is the first time I've had the opportunity to visit this web site which was created by Mr. Ernie Delmazzo, an Oregon injured
worker who I've represented for 3 years in his Workers' Compensation case. Ernie has shown an uncommon interest in the
inequities of the Workers' compensation system and its statutory and administrative rules which adversely affect all injured
workers. He has spent a great deal of time in ferriting out those parties within the system, i.e. the insurance medical examiners
(IMEs), State represenatives, and insurance interests, who continue to attempt to strangle out the workers' benefits. It is only
with the grass roots efforts of workers like Ernie Delmazzo that any changes will be made to this complicated and very
adversarial system.

Delmazzo, good work!

Your friend (and lawyer),
Ernest M. Jenks.

Mr Delmazzo's website about Kevin Mannix is THE TRUTH, Like in the heading of your post.
As Americans we have the right to FREE SPEECH, Including the Internet.
Workplace Injured is the Largest Grass roots Injured worker website in the country
and it's growing everyday, Our example has helped to create dozens of websites
around the counrty and we continue to grow everyday.

I Will end this with a popular phrase from the sixties.



Merle Campbell Re: The Truth (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:30:06 07/08/2000

to Mac Williams;

Ernie Delmazzo did a great job for the workers of this state by exposing the
truth regarding workers comp and the legislators that are working for big
business and the insurance lobby. These legislators are working against the
workers (the producers of Oregon products). In fact I like this site so much
that I pay for it.

The Truth is; Oregon workers comp statutes are unconstitutional, both Oregon
and federal; rape injured workers of those clearly stated rights; Kevin
Mannix has sponsored legislation penilizing the injured worker for getting
injured; IME doctors lie for pay for the insurance industry, I.E. Drs Ron
Turco and Zivin (sp)both lied on my wifes so called examination.

The system is a fraud against the workers of this state, it is fraught with
legal protections for the employers from the injured workers of this state
and it is time we throw out every god damn republican that continues to screw
the injured workers of this state.

I am and have been a registered republican for all of my adult life. The
republican platform is very well written, apple pie, mother hood, patriotism,
and for every Americans welfare. Could have been written by Mother Teresa.
The problem is our elected officials have the moral courage of pediphiles.

The reality is anything past by the Oregon legislature that is for the good
of the people is in very large part truly incidental to the true intent of the
bill. The true intent being to enhance ones business advantage or other legal
advantage of the poor bastards that believe the legislature will watch out for
our best interest. While your legislator is at work for the lobbiest of Oregon
your pocketbook, life, basic human rights and right to work are at risk. A
prime example is the exclusive remedy provision in the Oregon workers comp
statutes. They simply allow the employer to get away with gross negligence and
criminal conduct without recourse for the victims,the injured workers of Oregon.

Mannix, in my opinion, is a mercenary working for big business against the
working people of this state. Manniz deserves to be beaten soundly by Hardy
Meyers in the race for attorney general. Mac, didn't Mannix swtich parties
after his democratic support put him in office? Did Republican lobbiest
outbid the Democrats for his loyalties? hum

Clearly the Oregon workers comp system is corrupt, just as corrupt as any
criminal enterprise designed to steal, rob or cheat a group of Oregon
citizens. These victims have lost their health, money, possesions and rights
by the Oregon legislature holding a gun to their heads for the business and
insurance lobby..

If you vote republican you are either rich, blind or badly misinformed.

Merle Campbell
Colonel, AUS (Retired)

Pamela Wimp Re: The Truth (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:11:42 07/08/2000

Mr. Williams,
If you are such a private investigator....Try investigating the entire Workers' Comp. system instead of crucifying Ernie... Ernie is not the person that started this damned mess...Kitzhaber, Mannix and Derfler are the people behind destroying the working people's lives and families!!!
Ernie Delmazzo has worked very hard to try to expose this unjustful system...He alone is not the only person working on this...We as injured workers are tired of being traded for the highways and the salmon in this state....We are not pons one can throw away...We do have rights, and lives...We are trying to get back what is rightfully ours...Our lives...We did not vote these people into office to condem us...In fact we voted for them to protect us...NOT to put money into their pockets, by playing games with our lives.....Go ahead and investigate, If you can find the real truth, then maybe you will recant on your thoughts!!!!

Mac Williams Re: The Truth (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:26:03 07/08/2000

"Freelance" means that no, no one hired me. I began investigating this matter when I read a front-page story about Delmazzo's efforts to destroy a legislator.

The problem with your mentality is that you tend to position yourselves as victims, and use that politically to your advantage. It is obvious that Delmazzo is up to something. The guy sent emails to all the papers in the state. The Eugene Guard Register is going to run a story. It is obvious that he is making himself a political force by posing as a victim to gain newspaper sympathy.

I have browsed some of the comments in here and many about state legislators are slanderous, bordering on character assassination. That, to me, is appalling. You seem to hate Republicans in general--did I mention that Ernie is one himself? According to most sources he is fairly well to do, probably better off than many of you.

For now, the research continues.

Mac Williams
Ernie Delmazzo Re: Unfounded, inaccurate, and false accusations against me. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:38:37 07/09/2000

I arrived home last night from out-of-state visiting family to find out the Statesman Journal had published an article about Anyone BUT Kevin Mannix.
First off, I'd like to thank those who defended my honor, character, and reputation above and in e-mails.

I was one of three founders of Injured Workers' Alliance and one of six founders of Workplace Injured. All the founders share equal credit for WI's success in informing/educating the public of the injustices occuring in workers compensation each and every day. Good people such as Tom L, the WI Webmaster since January, Kay, and many other organizations and individuals have contributed with honor and equally with the original co-founders to that cause. The Anyone BUT Kevin Mannix effort IS NOT related to WI but a separate grass-roots campaign to inform the public.

The following are my answers to Mac Williams statements made above:

He says I'm on a personal vendetta to destroy people. This is not true. I, and others, simply believe that voters should know who they're voting for beyond the "PR" put out by candidates and all political parties. The data at the Web site was collected by a few of us with this belief. It will be, once completed, the definitive biography of Mannix's "public life" actions. Since we own the domain (presently unused) exposes' of other politicians and political candidates will probably occur in the future.

Mac Williams says, "Delmazzo reportedly sent emails to every newspaper in the state..." I believe 3 or 4 newspapers were contacted so far by us. If others know about our site, it's from word of mouth or search engines.

He says, "I have been researching Delmazzo and his true motives..." Those who actually know me personally answered this strange use of words better than I could in follow-up messages above. I will say that this issue IS NOT about anyone involved with Anyone BUT..., or me at this point as its most known spokesperson, but rather about public trust and the responsibilities of those chosen by Oregonians to represent them and defend their constititional rights.

Williams says, "...I fear there is a deeper motive that would drive a man to create an entire website blasting someone he has not come into contact with." My motive is my strong belief that elected officials should represent the best interests of everyday persons and not just special interests such as corporations. Since Mr. Williams never asked me, he must have asked Kevin Mannix about any personal contacts. I did once, outside a state capital room, have a brief, cordial, and subdued chat with the representative. Mr. Mannix must have forgotten it since it was uneventful for both of us.

Mac Williams says, "As his laywer has said, Ernie "takes an unusual interest" in select politicians." Tom L. answered this "misrepresentation" on your part by finding the actual message Mr. Jenks left. It's produced above. Thank you Tom.

Williams says, "Delmazzo is a registered Republican according to the Clackamas County office, but is seeking to destroy the party. Later he says, "I urge Mr. Delmazzo to consider the party's best interests instead of his own personal agenda in this matter." First off, Mr. Williams, my loyalty is to all Oregonians and our state and federal Constitutions. I am dedicated to "the people." If anything, I'm defending the Republican Party from "radicals" who have taken over our party from the ideals of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and others and have given all registered Republicans a bad name by, what I believe, deliberately abusing their "elected power" to benefit special interests at the expense of the general public. Unlike Kevin Mannix I have not "run away" from my party. In fact my favorite U.S. President is Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909). He is best known for starting the Panama Canal, protecting the environment, his actions to bring honesty in government (cleaning up corruption), and what Mac Williams might descibe as a "warped witch hunt" to protect average citizens from abuses by huge corporations (trusts) at the time. An excellent site about TR is here. My motives for co-founding Anyone BUT... are pure and I take serious offense to anyone who says otherwise. I did though expect it from the beginning.

In the Republican primary for A.G. I wrote in Ralph Nader's name.

Mr. Williams says, "... on this site and these message boards that border on character assassination and are slanderous at best." Mr. Williams, I would like examples of this, please send them. Almost all of the content at Anyone BUT Kevin Mannix Web site are either comments by others about Mr. Mannix, Mannix's own quotes, public records, bills he supported or sponsored with what I believe are fair descriptions unlike the commonly used word "modifies" that the legislature uses (there are links to the bills), or articles or documents produced by others. As far as personal comments made by me at this and other forums, I stand by them. They are accurate opinions.

I find it interesting that Anyone BUT... and I are being personally attacked for opposing Kevin Mannix as Oregon Attorney General. I assure everyone that I can take it. Anyone who knows me will attest that these things only make me more determined to go forward in spreading the truth. I believe that this personal attack (I am not a public figure) is a sad commentary on politics is general. It reminds me of the saying, "If you don't like the message, attack the messenger!" In fact, in trying to find out the original author of this quote, I found this Web site. And yes, Mr. Williams, I expect you to accuse "me" of these things but I pride myself on being forthright and honest.

By attacking me, Mac Williams, you show an inability to deal with what is actually written on the Anyone BUT Kevin Mannix Web site and elsewhere. Research the Web site and try to find inaccuracies using objective thinking if you wish. Wouldn't this be more productive?

Since this issue is not about any supporters of Anyone BUT... including myself, I have NO PLANS to answer further personal attacks. Simply put, I have better things to do with my time like this effort, advocating for workers, and finishing my paralegal studies and getting a degree.

Ernie Delmazzo

"The love of truth is condemned as hate by those who cannot bear the light of truth."

"One of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence."
—Charles Austin Beard, historian

Anyone BUT Kevin Mannix Web site.

Salem Statesman Journal Internet version article.

Ernie Delmazzo Re: The Truth (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:48:28 07/10/2000

Mr. Williams wrote an e-mail to us, before my reply above which had not been read at that point. I am adding this only for that reason.

It's my hope that Mr. Williams spends some time at the site and its links (including reading legislative bills) so he better understands Kevin Mannix's legislative record on all subjects. This includes his workplace safety legislative record.

I say this because Mr. Williams stated in his e-mail, "Because he is a lawyer and happens to represent insurance companies, you assume he is anti-worker."

I have a deep respect for the law and attorneys. I don't believe I'd be in school to become a Paralegal if I disliked attorneys.

You later said, "Why crucify one your own fold when there are plenty of scoundrels in the other party?"

We oppose "all" scoundrels (your word, not mine) Am I to imply from that statement that you believe Kevin Mannix to be a scoundrel?

We own domain names of both Democrats and other Republicans. Over the next several months, time permitting, our accumulated data will go on these sites which we agreed to not reveal at this point.

Mr. Williams, we think you are terribly misguided. Why don't you use your professional expertise and deep understanding of the political process to help our effort.

Take care,

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