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Tom L Posted At 00:44:37 07/08/2000
I have read your post and would very much like to comment on it.

The heading of your post is THE TRUTH.
Lets take a good look at the truth shall we.
Ernie Delmazzo is and shall always be an Injured worker. He started the Injured
Workers Alliance as a means of Informing other injured workers of what lies
ahead of them, Greed, Corruption, political payoffs from the Insurance companies
handing out millions of dollars to protect their interests, and under the shoes of these
facts are the Injured workers. I have known Mr Delmazzo for over three years and in
my opinion his knowledge of the Workers compensation system is excellent, better
than 90% of the lawmakers that are in Salem, including our Governor

You stated in your post and I quote " I have been researching Delmazzo and his true motives".
How can a private investigator know the true motives of a man unless he has walked in his shoes.
The knowledge you have obtained about Ernie is on paper at his county courthouse. You can't get into a mans head.
You opinion of Mr Delmazzo is subjective and unfounded.
Lets talk about kevin Mannix, Mr Mannix has been one of the lawmakers that have fought injured
workers all the way to court, Including his senate bills, too many to post here, just look through
the site Mac. Kevin Mannix represents Insurance companies AGAINST Injured workers so it should be obvious
that his name would not be popular here, including some of the people that he has screwed because of his litigation
against them. You also stated that Ernie is a registered Republican. I need to remind you that Mr Mannix changed parties
in mid stream, how do you think the people in his district of Salem felt about this fact. So don't talk
about a private citizens loyal party affiliation when Mr Mannix showed his loyality. Did Mannix
have his parties best Interest when he switched parties, COME ON MAC.

You also stated that His attorney said the ernie takes an unusual interest in select politicians, well
who dosen't Mac, You have, it is obvious who paid you to investigate Mr Delmazzo. Here is what Ernies attorney said
about him.

Posted by Ernest M. Jenks, P.C., Attorney at Law. on February 06, 1999.

This is the first time I've had the opportunity to visit this web site which was created by Mr. Ernie Delmazzo, an Oregon injured
worker who I've represented for 3 years in his Workers' Compensation case. Ernie has shown an uncommon interest in the
inequities of the Workers' compensation system and its statutory and administrative rules which adversely affect all injured
workers. He has spent a great deal of time in ferriting out those parties within the system, i.e. the insurance medical examiners
(IMEs), State represenatives, and insurance interests, who continue to attempt to strangle out the workers' benefits. It is only
with the grass roots efforts of workers like Ernie Delmazzo that any changes will be made to this complicated and very
adversarial system.

Delmazzo, good work!

Your friend (and lawyer),
Ernest M. Jenks.

Mr Delmazzo's website about Kevin Mannix is THE TRUTH, Like in the heading of your post.
As Americans we have the right to FREE SPEECH, Including the Internet.
Workplace Injured is the Largest Grass roots Injured worker website in the country
and it's growing everyday, Our example has helped to create dozens of websites
around the counrty and we continue to grow everyday.

I Will end this with a popular phrase from the sixties.



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