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Merle Campbell Posted At 01:30:06 07/08/2000
to Mac Williams;

Ernie Delmazzo did a great job for the workers of this state by exposing the
truth regarding workers comp and the legislators that are working for big
business and the insurance lobby. These legislators are working against the
workers (the producers of Oregon products). In fact I like this site so much
that I pay for it.

The Truth is; Oregon workers comp statutes are unconstitutional, both Oregon
and federal; rape injured workers of those clearly stated rights; Kevin
Mannix has sponsored legislation penilizing the injured worker for getting
injured; IME doctors lie for pay for the insurance industry, I.E. Drs Ron
Turco and Zivin (sp)both lied on my wifes so called examination.

The system is a fraud against the workers of this state, it is fraught with
legal protections for the employers from the injured workers of this state
and it is time we throw out every god damn republican that continues to screw
the injured workers of this state.

I am and have been a registered republican for all of my adult life. The
republican platform is very well written, apple pie, mother hood, patriotism,
and for every Americans welfare. Could have been written by Mother Teresa.
The problem is our elected officials have the moral courage of pediphiles.

The reality is anything past by the Oregon legislature that is for the good
of the people is in very large part truly incidental to the true intent of the
bill. The true intent being to enhance ones business advantage or other legal
advantage of the poor bastards that believe the legislature will watch out for
our best interest. While your legislator is at work for the lobbiest of Oregon
your pocketbook, life, basic human rights and right to work are at risk. A
prime example is the exclusive remedy provision in the Oregon workers comp
statutes. They simply allow the employer to get away with gross negligence and
criminal conduct without recourse for the victims,the injured workers of Oregon.

Mannix, in my opinion, is a mercenary working for big business against the
working people of this state. Manniz deserves to be beaten soundly by Hardy
Meyers in the race for attorney general. Mac, didn't Mannix swtich parties
after his democratic support put him in office? Did Republican lobbiest
outbid the Democrats for his loyalties? hum

Clearly the Oregon workers comp system is corrupt, just as corrupt as any
criminal enterprise designed to steal, rob or cheat a group of Oregon
citizens. These victims have lost their health, money, possesions and rights
by the Oregon legislature holding a gun to their heads for the business and
insurance lobby..

If you vote republican you are either rich, blind or badly misinformed.

Merle Campbell
Colonel, AUS (Retired)

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