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Ernie Delmazzo Posted At 01:48:28 07/10/2000
Mr. Williams wrote an e-mail to us, before my reply above which had not been read at that point. I am adding this only for that reason.

It's my hope that Mr. Williams spends some time at the site and its links (including reading legislative bills) so he better understands Kevin Mannix's legislative record on all subjects. This includes his workplace safety legislative record.

I say this because Mr. Williams stated in his e-mail, "Because he is a lawyer and happens to represent insurance companies, you assume he is anti-worker."

I have a deep respect for the law and attorneys. I don't believe I'd be in school to become a Paralegal if I disliked attorneys.

You later said, "Why crucify one your own fold when there are plenty of scoundrels in the other party?"

We oppose "all" scoundrels (your word, not mine) Am I to imply from that statement that you believe Kevin Mannix to be a scoundrel?

We own domain names of both Democrats and other Republicans. Over the next several months, time permitting, our accumulated data will go on these sites which we agreed to not reveal at this point.

Mr. Williams, we think you are terribly misguided. Why don't you use your professional expertise and deep understanding of the political process to help our effort.

Take care,

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