To Ernie, Tom, Merle, et.all: Final News

Author Subject: To Ernie, Tom, Merle, et.all: Final News
Mac Williams Posted At 15:36:51 07/10/2000
Greetings to everyone that responded to my earlier message. I have some important news to share. I have tried to hear you all out.

First of all, I have completed enough research to discover some obvious conclusions I should have seen in the first place.

Namely, that the people like Ernie and Tom of IWA are doing good things for Oregonians.

Ernie, you are pretty much an average guy determined to help injured workers. For that, I respect you. I agree that, many times, bureaucracies become corrupt. I agree that the people of Oregon deserve to have every right to a safe job. I respect the work all of you are doing on behalf of Oregon workers.

That having been said, I want to admit that I misjudged your organization and Mr. Delmazzo. Ernie, from everything I have found, seems to be a sincere citizen doing what he sees as neccessary to help the people of Oregon. As Republicans, we believe that the people matter. Now I agree that we can't always trust government. Look at Bill Clinton. And why did Ryan Dechart get away with lying in the voters' pamphlet? Government will always have its problems. I admire those willing to evaluate those problems and trying to fix the system.

I wish all of you good luck. The verdict is, that your group is doing good things for people. By all means, that is a good thing. My work here is done. I read all your opinions and, although I will never agree with all of them, I must admit that you have successfully converted a skeptic. Best of luck, and best wishes, Ernie, Merle, Tom, and Co. Farewell for now.

Respectfully submitted,

Mac Williams
Confused Re: To Ernie, Tom, Merle, et.all: Final News (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:50:22 07/15/2000

Isn't this an apology or what????
I almost have to laugh....As it seems that Mr. Williams might have reseasrched a little further....

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