Even I was Blown Away

Author Subject: Even I was Blown Away
Tarzan Posted At 18:57:11 07/17/2000
Nearly Two years after a nerve conduction study, I receive a call from Dr. Jamison's office.

I owe $788 Seven Hundred and Eighty Eight dollars.

I had no Idea they hadn't paid the bill. The bookeeper says she was hoping they would pay up and was putting it off as long as she could.

Now they have a formal denial from Liberty NW, or Great Benifit.

It is getting to the point where nothing surprises me anymore.

And fortunately I have enough to pay for it, my wife says she wants to make payments, which the office gal said would be OK.

Another day in the life of an old-broke down carpenter.
J.John Re: Even I was Blown Away (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:33:33 07/18/2000

Tarzan.....just when you think it was safe to go back in the water.....I have been amazed at this whole process of dealing with suits that have never worked labor jobs, never had a hungry day and never doubted their own talents and abilities. Suits whose children will run this country someday and they learn so young the sins of their fathers but don't learn by their mistakes only follow their example.
I wish I had the words and ability to stand and convince the suits that they are so wrong in their judgements of injured workers, to make them realize how much of our self esteem is damaged by continual denial of our claims. I am one voice of many and i know each time i tell my story to working labor friends who are suffering pain related to their jobs they are now documenting all contacts with managers, supervisers etc. Public awareness is #1 priority for most of them . THey tell one person and its passed down the line....anyway I wish you the best now that you"ve been through the worst. I am waiting for final outcome of my review....from there I don't know where I'll go if they deny me again...onward and upward.. Judy John.
Bernie Re: Even I was Blown Away (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:20:48 07/18/2000

Did you try putting it through on your health insurance? That's what I did when a portion of my claim was denied. I was under the impression that providers couldn't bill the injured worker?
Tarzan Re: Even I was Blown Away (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:24:52 07/18/2000

This is an extension of my denial when I first went to Dr. Cook.

To back up his opinion of my complaints. He had me see two other doctors, one being a nerve conduction study.

As I recall it was accepted for me to see Dr. Jamison. The nerve guy.

Apparently nothing matters as much as the almighty dollar.

God only knows I can afford my coverage more than great benifit, wouldn't want them to take any money out of savings to pay for pills or doctors visits.

They need all the money they can get to pay for IME exams.

As far as private health insurance, I haven't had any since a year after I fell. We didn't think $260 a month was justified sence we never used the coverage anyway. Who would have thought at that time we would have been compelled to pay for my own cosmetic, preexisting, old-age related had nothing to do with my fall of Sept. 95.

I paid Dr. Cook before my sugery to do carpal tunnel on both hands, and do a distal ulnar resection all at one time. And of coarse Great Benifit, didn't have anything to do with that. After all the IME doctors said my problems were consistant with my age, now 51. And clearly I was born with naturally long Ulna's. Some people are born that way. Funny ONE.

So after sugery I was billed for X-rays and doctor visits, for carpal tunnel denial, even though we were still doing follow-up on my recent Elbow Arthro-plasty. ( which is reshaping the bone in my elbow, radial head.) A resection is taking 6mm off the end of the right Ulna, and 3mm off the end of the left Ulna. Pain on a scale of ONE to TEN is a FIFTEEN. Certainly more than $8,000.

Hopefully I will be reimbursed at some point, isn't that what the WAR is all about.

I told Dr. Jamison's bookeeper to go ahead and bill me, that I wouldn't stiff her. And the doctor is not a Bank. I don't recall going to a doctor without signing something saying, I'll pay if the insurance company doesn't. Liberty NW is Great Benifit. Just so they get free advertising.

I'm sure they need all the free advertising they can get. More money for lawyers and IME visits.

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