Consumer reports: Falling down on the job

Author Subject: Consumer reports: Falling down on the job
Chris Posted At 17:14:58 01/22/2000
It's about six pages long. I recommend that everyone buy this issue but you should be warned not to scan and reproduce it entirely and place it here unless you get permission from Consumers Report. Otherwise it's considered copyright infringement. The magazine is only $2.95.

I will tell you that overall it's very well written as to the truth behind this atrocity called "workers comp reform" (deform). Oregon's 51% rule is mentioned but the real-life struggles of injured workers are compelling and accurate to what common-place horrors face all workers after they're injured. There's alot of writing on IME's and the real reason why these deforms have taken place, not the political BS. There's also several "declined comment on the case" by the insurance scum who have perpetrated this cruel and sadistic hoax on the American public.

I also hope people write Consumer Reports to thank them for the "expose". They do have a "Your Letters" section and it would show other publications and the electronic media that this type of story will generate responses. Maybe then the others (Oregonian, etc) will look beyond their own selfish interests' as employers and advertising source (for businesses) and finally put people's lives, health, and safety first or anywhere for that matter.

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