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R. Sartor Posted At 05:26:48 07/20/2000
I agree with what your saying, but what are we going to do about it should we have a million injured workers march to the White house at let them see what they are doing to the people of the USA and to bring out the real issues of the injured and make them come forth and make a change for the better we need to get the attention of the media some way. I can say I don't have all the answers but I have alot of good ideals, we can talk about it all we want but the fact of the matter is until we stand up to big brother theres nothing going to be done. So heres what we need to do just like they had the million mom narch we need have the million injured works march, we need to make sure that this doesn't pull every fruadulent person out of the wood works also it needs to be people who have real issues I would like to take part in this since I to am one of many who are injured and need help in my fight not only to get better but also to recover any loses I'm not looking to get rich off this but just to be recompensated for what has been taken from me do to employers poor judgement s on not letting me go to the Doctors when I ask to go do to getting hurt on the job and do to the workers comp insurances companys not allowing me to get the help I needed from the Doctors which it might have not made my injury as bad as it is today. if you what to get involed the send info on how to get started or even leads and I'll try to put thing together we all need to work this out as one to get the ball rolling and make the insurance companys pay back what they have taken from us all their getting rich off us all (injured workers million man and women march ) lets all make a difference Richard W. Sartor

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