injured workers million man and women march

Author Subject: injured workers million man and women march
Rick S. Posted At 18:51:07 07/24/2000
It is apperant that something needs to be done about the problem that is continuing to happen with the injured workers cases in workers comp. claims. There is a need to stop the government from stop us, from getting nothing from the pain and suffering and the lost wages and the stress it puts on our Family as well. If you are a person that is about committing fruad you need not be involed since they are the ones that have brought this problem upon us not to mention the big business that gets out of paying for the people who get injured on the job from most of the time from being rush or high production. I thought that the unfair labor act was abolished in the child slavary act in the 17 or 1800rds my time might be off but we need to come together and goto our state office and demand a change for our rights and to have them pass laws for retroactive law suits if they can go after Big Tabacco for people who smoke and get cancer then they go stand up for people who are trying to live honest and work for there dreams and stop the Government and Insurance companies from destroying what we have all worked hard for. all those who would like to see a cahnge start by signing a petition against unfair workers compensation/insurance companies causing us to lose our lively hood sign a petition and send it to E-mail address he is attorney who is fighting for injured works on the job in forida state. I'm an injured worker who frank is rep. in my case and also trying to change the law for the injured workers and is going to the state legislator office to make a difference, so please send him an E-mail and tell him Rick Sartor asked you drop a line toward the petition. Thank you so much.
Rick S Re: injured workers million man and women march (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:54:49 07/24/2000

that E-mail address I gave was spelled wrong it is
Carole Re: injured workers million man and women march (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:23:17 07/25/2000

Dear Rick,
I sent an e-mail to Mr. Eidson because I could not agree with you more. I worked for a large company in Orlando, Fl and was terminated after almost 20 years. I had 2 attorneys that did not help me at all. Due to the damage that was done to my hands (3 surgeries) I am no longer able to work and am now on SSD. I truly hope that something is done. I realize it is too late for myself as I settled my case Sep 99 because I had had enough of the lies and the manipulations. I just hope it is not too late to help others that are in the same situation. I do believe that things can change for the better with the backing of all who have been injured and manipulated by a system that is supposed to be there to help you not hurt you.
Good luck to you.
Rick S. Re: injured workers million men and women march (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 11:38:11 07/26/2000

To All that reply:

Thank you for your responses. It disturbs me to hear about each and
everyone's hardship. Please as you reply, leave your e-mail address and your first and last name. It will be used only for the petition of addressing the State Legislation and the White House to try to make the changes for injured workers. Also, let it be known that I will not contact you unless you request a response after this takes place. My attorney is trying to take several chosen people to speak in front of the Legislation in Tallahassee, Florida. Please be aware that Governer Jeb Bush is against Workerman's Compensation rights for the injured workers.
Thank you for hearing my voice, now let's let everyone's voice be heard! Richard Sartor
Carole Re: injured workers million man and women march (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:51:44 07/26/2000

Dear Rick,
I would like you to know that I spoke with Senator Dyer in person last August and was allowed only 15 minutes to state my case. Which in itself was absurd. Said that he had many complaints about Workers'Comp and was hoping to try and change things. He also said he would be willing to call people for this past legislative session about what we were experiencing with Workers' Comp. I really do not know if that is the case or how one goes about finding out what he actually presented at this last session. I have never received a response from him. I also sent letters to Gov Bush (which you stated above does not believe in workers'rights, but I had to try anyway) the Judge of Compensation in Orange County, Julie Douthit of the Oversight Board, Secretary Hooks, Chief Judge Shirley Walker and a few others. So far I received a message from the Employee Assistance Office only and was told that nothing can be done about my situation. The person I spoke with said the only option I had was to call the AMA and the Bar Association. So I will keep pursuing any avenue that may have cause to help. Any help at this point would greatly be appreciated.
Luck to all of us.
Rick S Re: injured workers million man and women march (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:24:04 07/26/2000

Just keep fighting for our rights there are some of us who aren't giving up, abd I for one will not quit the government, and Judges, and other State reps. need to be voted out of office. I hace to say that Jeb bush and his brother are the first ones that have to go they are for sure not for the people in the long run there for them selfs. Carole I believe if we keep pushing the issues and hang in there thru this what seems to be a never ending battle will all come out in the lead to help those that aren't strong enough to continue in our fight against dead beat workers comp. adjusters and insurance companies and Big business. IF you can also talk to people about signing a petition for all our rights it will help we just need to keep the faith. I've got admit that some times with out Gods help I would never make it with this trash that destroyes our live. Carole my wife and I will pray for you daily and also ask our church to pray with us for your healing, Carole I want you to know that I won't preach to you just hold you up in pray and only share with you if you are open. lets win this fight together. I don't want to get any ones hopes up just for the fact that I'm new at this and I'm doing this at trail and error so hang in there we will win this fight together. Oh one more thing the e-mail address I gave had an error in it the correct email address for my attorney is so if you would pass it on. I would change it but I don't know how, thank you so much for your time Rick Sartor
Jaye Re: injured workers million man and women march (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:06:29 04/05/2001

Dear Rick,

I just so happend to stumble on your site in my most desperiate time of need. I just got on w/ a major company and went through a month and 1/2 of extensive training and the enviorment they set, was you never would know if for whatever reason. They could tell you pack your bag to go home up into the final day of completion. Many people gave up their jobs, had to fly out of town & away from kids, family etc.

My job is very physical and unfortunately I was severly injured by someone else's negligence. And the sad thing is that my other co-workers brought it to managements attention & this could of prevented the servity of my injury. I have never been one to take advantage of the system.
I went ahead working because:
(1) On probation- (2) Didn't think it was that bad.

I have now cannot tap into my HMO & forced to deal w/these workers comp. people & have made my condition physically & mentally worse. I have daily excruating pain on a daily basis, to the point of almost wanting to end my life. (sad thing is I'm very young) This is how bad my pain has been, even talking on the phone in tears begging them to assist me & give me some information.
I was actually re-jectied by doctors because I was comp!!
I have had to be my own doctor & find out what test that I need to have run. All they can tell me is just find out who takes workers comp.

I don't know what or who to go to anymore. Please help me, anyone/-any feed back will be an asset.


teal mull Re: injured workers million man and women march (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:26:30 06/11/2001

dear desperate,
i understand your pain. i was injured over a year ago in florida. the w/c insurance co. here is bad. they discontinued my therapy,didn't fill my meds for 10 days, and denied me doctor care on a regular basis. they even tried to pin my "on the job" injury on a car accident i was in almost 2 years ago. we are going before a judge in whats called a "wash". i pray this will be the end of all this stress. i've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and tic douloureux. both very painful and disabling for life. i'm begining to wonder if we still live in the USA. good luck to all of you.

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