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Kay Posted At 12:07:05 07/26/2000
Dear Bee, My heart goes out to you. Thank God your heart is o.k and I hope your son
has recovered fully. My husband has a central line in his chest(something
like a PICC line) but his is permanent. I(with help from our dear sons) am his 24 hour caregiver to to treat his
seizures with i.v. medication. His seizures are caused from a compensable,
job re-lated traumatic brain injury (TBI. He is totally and permanently injured and cannot work but gets no
disability compensation from Oregon's corrupt workers system. One of our sons recently was operated
for appendicitus. The doctor nicked his liver and he was bleeding internally for two weeks before
they figured out what was wrong. They put a tube in and drained off a gallon of old blood. It was
a miracle that he didn't become infected. By the way, when my husband had his first seizure while he was at work, they
fired him. Then the insurance company denied his claim, lied and said that he wasn't in the workforce when his condition
worsened. They held us up for a couple of years on that one.After more than ten years, we are still trying to get the nursing care
my husband needs so I can return to work. The workers comp carrier (SAIF Corp) pays him 55cents an hour for homecare. Registered nurses cost about $30.00
an hour and they call us greedy. The other option they gave us was a nursing home. We are trying to live on SS disability. We are lucky because we still have our home.
We were young when my husband was injured. The accident nearly destroyed our lives and the workers comp system has tried to finish the job.
They will never succeed. God Bless you in your struggle. Please keep in touch and please do join injured workers to change this horrible system
which is an industry grown fat from the flesh and blood of honest, hardworking taxpayers for the benefit of business, insurance companies, bureaucrats and workers comp
lawyers. Sorry if this is a mess. I am so angry I can hardly control my fingers.


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