EAP: Employee "Assistance" Programs

Author Subject: EAP: Employee "Assistance" Programs
Wondering Posted At 22:50:00 07/27/2000
Any information on how these EAPs are or may be used to deny/discourage or otherwise hinder the injury claim.
Tarzan Re: EAP: Employee (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:54:57 07/28/2000

I'm not quite sure I understand the question, but the way I see it is.

Once you have an operation, then you are toast for life, even though one or two or three may make a major difference, in your quality of life.

Once I had an operation, then they couldn't wait to get me into school.

Which was fine with me, after being out of work for so long, about 2 years, I was more than happy to start training, even though I knew I needed more sergury, it was very difficult to find a doctor to stand behind me.

I think a doctor will go for the easy money, (sergury) and send you packing, because they know what a fight it is to get paid.

This leaves you easy pickins for an IME exam, let's call them the hit men of the insurance company, even though I hesitate to use the word men.

Once a pseudo doctor says you are fine, good as you are going to get, then it is legally up to the victim to prove them wrong. Hard to do! It doesn't matter if you are right or not, you will loose in court.

It is a fact of the way the justice shystem is set up. Once you hit the dirt then in the eyes of the shystem then you are a dirt-bag, to prove that you are not a dirt-bag.

And doesn't a man who went through 8-10 years of college sound honest, doesn't he have a tag in front of his last name, that demands respect?

Back to the point, it's easy to get side tracked, help find work? Help find a school that will help a man find a good job? Maybe in a perfect world. But not now, not yet, maybe never.

Look at the guy with 8-10 years of college, and what he has to do to feed his family. I don't think anyone wants a hand out, just a hand up. If a woman can get 1.5 million to spill coffee in her lap, wouldn't you think a permanent, dissablity would be worth as much?

To go to work and have respect, and to enjoy your work and to take pride in what you do, and enjoy yourself.

Maybe to start your own company, because you have ruined your reputation, from a fall at work. Can't make money without having money? Takes money to make money?

Wouldn't you think that Great Benifit deserves to have more than a slap on the wrist?

Not to mention PAIN!!!!!!!!!! fuller told me pain was my friend, lets me know I'm still alive, if he is right, then I'm plenty alive.

Actually a little too alive.
Tarzan Re: EAP: Employee (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:08:32 07/30/2000

It's hard to imagine how the powers that be can possibly think, a 5 month crash coarse in Estimating can help land that $50,000 a year job.

Even though it says right on the letter-head, $45 and up, it quickly becomes $25-30, which is the only way I was able to get a job.

$30,000 a year, 10-12 hour days to make that. One day I even worked 15 hours.

Before my last sergury, I couldn't possibly worked those kind of hours, and frankly I'm surprised I can now.

My suggestion would be on the job training, in other words, work for free for your employer until, you can pull your own weight.

When I graduated from my intensive 5 month crash coarse in Estimating, I could just barely turn a computer on. There estimating program, was confusing at best, being an old broke down carpenter, who never looked at a computer before, I had tons of seat time to go threw, before I could start to make it do what I wanted it to do.

I would think with my back-ground in construction, a contractor would love to have me as an employee. Actually quite the oposite, Union contractors have ignored me completely. Only the rat contractors will give me the time of day, they think I can work for free, or close to it.

I realize there is a whole lot of people injured at work, who have it much worse then me. Living hand to mouth before the fall that changes there lives forever. And some carpet baggin representive of Great Benifit, saying here's $15,000. Go away and be thankful for what you have. Move on.

Frankly, hell no, not only does Great Benifit, need to help me, but they need to learn, they can't continue getting away with, kicking the hell out of a man when he is at his most vunerable.

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