Feds want to hear from Injured workers

Author Subject: Feds want to hear from Injured workers
Webmaster Posted At 10:08:40 01/24/2000
Greetings everyone

The feds want to hear from as many Injured workers as possible.
portland will host one of three scheduled meetings held around the country
to take Oral or written testimony on the proposed ergonomic standards.
Follow the link on the main page under the coalition statement. Follow the link
link on the page and everything is explained there

This Information was given to WI late and Today 1/24/2000 is the deadline
to schedule your Intent to testify. The exact dates to appear are unclear
at this time, Sometime between March 21st and the 31st.

It is very important that as many workers that have suffered from RSI injuries
testify to explain how their injuries could have been prevented. It will
give OSHA a clearer picture of how these new standards will prevent further
injuries to workers under the new proposed ergonomic standards.
Webmaster Re: Feds want to hear from Injured workers (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:36:01 01/24/2000

Go to www.osha.gov and click "osha's new proposed new ergonomics standards"
it is in Bold Blue on their main page.
Scroll down until you see "Public Partcipation, "Notice of Intent to appear"
Submit Electronic notice of Intent to appear, It will bring you to a form to
fill out. I am unsure if you will recieve an auto response of a letter in the
mail. WI urges all who have suffered RSI's or MSD injuries to testify.
Sharon McElroy Re: Feds want to hear from Injured workers (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:00:01 01/24/2000

Where will these Hearings Take place?
I am unable to travel far.
Del Re: Feds want to hear from Injured workers (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:49:11 01/24/2000

The hearings in Portland will take place at the Benson Hotel, 309 SW Broadway, Portland sometime between March 21 and 31. Exact dates will be announced soon.

Go to the WI Main Page and click the banner near the top of the page for additional details.

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