Re: all you injured workers that are whiners ( stop whining and start fighting for your rights you all sound like a bunch of AA members

Author Subject: Re: all you injured workers that are whiners ( stop whining and start fighting for your rights you all sound like a bunch of AA members
Rick S Posted At 11:26:39 07/31/2000
Carole, I couldn't agree more with you, and truely I don't have all the answers. But I can say that I'm not going to lay down for these sorry people that we have all voted in office to represent us in our day to day lives. It is sad the type of people they have become, and that their all in it for their own personal gain, and truely aren't in it for the people like they promise. I wish I could run for office but unfortinately I don't know enough about politics. I realy wouldn't want to lower myself to their level of no integrity. Here is what we need to do and that is copy all the messages post in this web page and take it to the news media, congress or even something I hope that I'm not opening a can of worms. To get bad responses. But I'll try it anyway, I'm going to give my address and if your'e able copy as many as you can and mail them to me so here it goes this is my address and please know one use it for bad I have a Family and I to am going thru the same mess you all are going thru. I'm doing this to help us all I can't make any promises, but I'll do all I can to help. This is my address. 916 Ave. S S.E. Winter Haven, Florida. 33880-4617 My name is Richard Sartor (Rick) all the copies you or others can send will help in our fight to make the changes. My attorney is trying to help make these changes by taking me and others to speak in front of the Legislation Board, so the more papers of the complaint the are written in the messages board can help to place in front of their faces. It is going to be harder to turn down and when there are large numbers of people bring these issues of the problems to the tables. We can also making this public what else can they do but look in to this matter. Let me say I didn't write what I wrote to hurt any one because I to have times when I also whine. I wrote this to stir the fires that are burning in each and every one of us. That are sick of the system. Do not lay down I know we all hurt. But stand up and fight. Until we don't have to fight, and so that we can all have more enjoyable lives, and care that should be provided to us even if settlements have been made. They should still have to pay for our medical and help in our financial problems. They'll give more to people that don't need welfare, and for the ones that do need the help they turn away and that to is a shame. Rick S.

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