Re: all you injured workers that are whiners ( stop whining and start fighting for your rights you all sound like a bunch of AA members

Author Subject: Re: all you injured workers that are whiners ( stop whining and start fighting for your rights you all sound like a bunch of AA members
Rick S Posted At 06:50:47 08/02/2000
Michele, First of all I'm sorry to hear about your injury and second of all I'm not the one who is complaining about my injury. I'm trying to get people to stop complaining about it and stand up and fight against these sorry people who put us in this place where we once beleived in a system that know longer does any thing to help the ones who have become injured. And for the record I also have a serious back injury myself. May I also say that this was written this way on the title to get more people to get mad at what they read and then when they go to the page they would read the words (NOW THAT I GOT YOUR ATTENTION), and if you read on you would see that it wasn't attacking know one but was to get people to sign petitions so I could take to the legislative committee and try to make a change for the better, who are the injured workers like you and me. And let me make one last STATEMENT I have been to an AA meeting before I went to support a friend who had a serious drinking problem and the whole time I was there they never spoke of anything positive it was all about how everyone owed them and it wasn't about what they could do to better them selfs, and before you say it yes we tried other meetings and they were all the same. yes it is good to vent but isn't better to vent to the people that can make a difference, in stead of some one who isn't going to do nothing about the problem I'm tired of this Government that takes alot from the people who work there asses off and pay taxes allour life, for what to make the rich richer and the middle class poorer. Well that isn't how I'm giong out I'm going to fight for my rights and yours also. Oh yea I'm not a politician I'm the person who has been injured on the job just like you who has a snapped thoracic spine and you never heard me whine about it in the previous letters written know your facts before spouting off if you what to make a change then climbe on will help. But if your just going to be negative then stay behind, because I'm moving forward an I'm going to do all that I can to be heard. Michele I wish you well and a complete healing thru out your whole body so you can be able to have the life you once enjoyed and to look at all the things your once took for granted, and will now be thankfull for what you have today that is what I have been having to do since my injury and foud that I took to many thing for granted> Michele this is in know way shape or form something to put you down but to help you and other alike to get the help that is deserved. hopefully you understand the porpose of this title now and know that it is to help not to destroy but to encourage. If your not to affended by this I hope you can continue to write. From a person that does understand Rick-n-Sharon who is my wife and does know all of our pain but wants to make a difference also. Well I have got to go now I hope your see the concern we have for you also. Good bye and be blessed our prayers are with you and will be praying for a complete healing in your body mined and spirit

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