The 7/25 Dateline NBC Report exposing insurance co. fraud now on-line

Author Subject: The 7/25 Dateline NBC Report exposing insurance co. fraud now on-line
Del Posted At 19:10:11 08/07/2000
Along with what I believe to be less than the full transcript, at you'll find info about the reaction to the broadcast itself. One of victims of the ins. company fraud was an Oregonian which I've pasted below.

When is the general public going to "wise up" and realize that it was the success of the attack on those injured on-the-job, perpetrated by workers compensation carriers, that made these corporations jump on the bandwagon and use immoral and illegal tactics against others?

Karen Hutson: “I just wanted to get well and be on my way.”
In 1993, Hutson was injured in an accident in Oregon and was treated for five months for back pain. State Farm refused to pay $774 of Hutson’s claim — about a 1/4 of her bills, repeatedly citing a CMR paper review as the reason. The review called Hutson’s accident “extremely minor,” and said she did not have any “serious consequential injuries.”
Hutson: “That’s a lie. I was in a lot of pain.”
We played our broadcast for Hutson because there was something about one CMR report that she didn’t know.
John Larson: “And here, an employee suggests leaving out medical information that could be helpful to the accident victim. Her bones were possibly more brittle and we don’t want to point this out. ‘And we don’t want to point this out’ — should that be on here’?
Bill Marvin: “No.”
John Larson: “That particular report was yours. You’re the accident victim that they’re talking about.”
Karen Hutson: “I’m just really angry. I’m really angry at them because I just wanted to get on my feet and get well. I didn’t want to take money that didn’t belong to me. And then they do this to me. They made me feel like I wasn’t in pain when I was in pain. And it brings a lot of that back.”
Karen Hutson could only pay her bills after a different insurance company representing the woman who hit her paid a settlement two years later.

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